World?s Most Amazing Nightclubs

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We can’t deny the importance of clubs in the society. Besides the Internet, clubs are considered as the biggest social network to connect people who share interests and activities. The Sky Bar club in Lebanon, the Berghain club in Germany, the Fabric club in the United Kingdom, the Womb club in Japan and so on are some of the world’s most amazing nightclubs.

The Sky Bar in Beirut, Lebanon is a famous rooftop bar for music lovers and people who love to dance while having a drink and enjoying a night out with their friends. Located in the heart of Beirut, this amazing sky bar is one of the hottest clubs in the world where is host to every VIP, TV star and westerner in Beirut.

Sky Bar in Beirut, Lebanon

Fabric is a well-known club in London, United Kingdom. Opened on 29 October 1999, the club has had many top DJs. There are three separate rooms with independent sound systems in the club. One of the three rooms features the vibrating floor known as a “bodysonic” dance floor.

Fabric in London United Kingdom

Amnesia was the first major outdoor club on the island of Ibiza. It is also known as one of renowned clubs in the world. Opened in 1976, the club, which is famous for its sunrise dance floor, can pack over 5,000 people on the dance floors.

Amnesia in the island of Ibiza

Berghain is a nightclub located in a former power plant in Berlin. It is the greatest venue for people who love techno music and want to enjoy the best partying spots in the world. Berghain has a strong reputation for decadence and hedonism. Inside the club, there is a “dark room” specifically set for sexual acts.

Berghain in Berlin, Germany

Womb is a night club opened in the spring of 2000 in Tokyo, Japan. It has recently known as one of the top nightclubs in the world. The exterior of the club may be misleading to first-time visitors.

Womb in Tokyo, Japan

Another famous nightclub in Ibiza is Space. The club has 6 separated dance arenas with different attractions and design. If you enter the club, you can’t forget the crazy atmosphere and the magic of this place.

Space in the island of Ibiza


World’s Most Amazing Nightclubs


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