Water Desalination System for Reliable Fresh Water Supplies

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Apart from providing world-class Business energy solutions and Power generation solutions, NTCC is also a world class leader in water desalination systems.

Lack of fresh and clean water can have drastic consequences on the economic development of a country and especially on the energy sector. With the day-by-day increasing consumption of water, it has now become necessary to look to other water resources like sea and ocean water to meet this rising demand. Our water desalination system makes use of the latest innovative technology to create fresh water in abundance from both seawater and other sources which are even more challenging like brackish sources. Some of our biggest desalination projects are in the Middle East especially in countries like Saudi Arabia which has to depend a lot on seawater for its energy needs. For example; one of our esteemed clients is Saudi Electric Company which uses our desalination system to create fresh water for the production of electric energy. Fresh water is also required by other industries like food and beverage sector and also by companies dealing with cooling solutions like Air Conditioning Riyadh.

Reverse osmosis membrane technology is used in our water desalination system to convert seawater into a fresh, clean and viable water source. This technology makes it even possible to use seawater as a source of drinking water. Operation and maintenance of such a system is no child’s play and requires skilled expertise and experience. Our engineers and technicians have been trained in these fields which include pretreatment of the membrane, cleaning techniques and also energy recovery devices. Since seawater contains a very high percentage of salt content, these expensive membranes have to be handled with utmost care and expertise to prevent constant breakdown.

Trigeneration power which makes use of CHP systems is another industry which makes use of desalination systems. This system can also convert brackish water into fresh, usable water using a combination of reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodialysis reversal systems (EDR). The RO and EDR technology ensures that the salt and mineral content is efficiently removed making the water fit for industrial use, irrigation and also for drinking purposes. Apart from providing fresh water from such challenging sources, our desalination system is available at affordable cost and hence can be used for your home needs too. In fact many of our projects are for providing drinking water to buildings, hotels and resorts.

High energy efficiency is another reason why these systems are in much demand in all kinds of industries especially the energy and power sector. Our desalination system is also environmentally friendly and has no harmful effects whatsoever on the atmosphere or climate. Since our systems are designed to conserve energy, these are apt for use in all major industries.

Without water, our world will come to an end. With increased consumption, it has now become necessary to look towards other sources for fresh and clean water like the oceans and seas. And a water desalination system is the only way by which these water sources can be made fit for human consumption as well as industrial needs.

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