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Every year Saudi Arabia gets thousands of visitors throughout the world to carry out the religious obligation of “Hajj”, but if someone wishes to have tourism and vacations trip to this country he get the tickets of flights to Jeddah as it is home to some of the unusual and pleasant sightseeing in the world. The city of Jeddah is located by the bank of Red Sea as well as the second largest city and center of financial and economic activities of the country.


The travelers of flights to Jeddah will spot the wonderful seven-star grand hotels and lodges standing on the wide boulevards, Balad, packed with colorful flamboyant markets and puzzling medieval architecture built out of Red Sea coral. The Red Sea beach is ruled with an apparently never-ending cornice, giving an opening to the stunning silver sandy beaches. Jeddah’s terrific restaurants and shopping plazas presents one the superlative shopping experience to the travelers of flights to Jeddah One of the never to be missed  attraction of Jeddah is the King Fahd Fountain in the port, which makes an awesome view at night when it spills lightened colored jets of water from the elevation of 853 feet into the air.


King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA) is the international airport of Jeddah collecting the flights to Jeddah throughout the world. It is the third largest airport of Saudi Arabia in terms of passengers handled and air crafts movements. There are plenty of direct and cheap flights to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia are offered from London Heathrow and other airports of UK made by Saudi Airlines, BMI and British Airways. Moreover, Egypt Air, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, PIA, Air Canada, Air India, South African Airways, and Oman Air also operate the direct as well as indirect cheap flights to Jeddah from all airports of UK

Last month I took my cheap flights to Jeddah and found much suiting my interests.


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