TOP Recommended Tourist Attractions in Hurghada, Egypt

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Hurghada is an amazing combination of sun, beaches and great Hurghada hotels. Here you can find wonderful opportunities for accommodation in the most modern hotels in Egypt, as well as numerous possibilities for entertainment.

Once a small fishing village, nowadays this modern resort offers a lot to its visitors. At your disposal are stunning beaches, remarkable nature, great opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving and of course a large number of attractions.

Here is the list with the most popular tourist attractions in Hurghada.

Beaches- in this amazing summer resort there is no doubt that we will start with the beaches. Most of the beaches are connected with the hotels in Hurghada, but you can also find some great public beaches having just small fee for access. Among the most beautiful beaches in Hurghada are The Old Vic Village and The Chill Beach Bar. The both beaches have silky gold sand and crystal clear waters. Papas Beach Club is a small sandy beach popular with the young crowd and ideal for those post-party lazy days.
Bazaar in El-Dahar- It’s not possible to visit Egypt and do not go to some of its markets. The Bazaar in El-Dahar is the most popular market place in Hurghada and it takes place in the old town of the city. It a colorful typical Egyptian bazaar and there you can find anything from polished brassware to wooden tea tables. Visitors barter and merchants loudly flog their goods while donkeys wander along the streets.
Red Sea Aquarium- This is a great attraction for your entire family. It is the place where you can see a huge variety of marine life found in the Red Sea. The well-organized exhibits and fishy attractions are all clearly labeled in English with diagrams and texts on each species. Children and families can learn how to identify different species and where to spot them when diving or snorkeling on the reef. You will find really a great number of attractive fishes there.
Giftun Islands- There is Big Giftun Island and Small Giftun Island, both of which are home to remarkable marine life as well as numerous underwater attractions. There you can see whale sharks, barracudas and oceanic white tip sharks. Offering spectacular coral, deep waters, caves and canyons, the islands are a prime daytrip destination from Hurghada. To protect the islands from overexposure, they are now a protected marine park and they are a must see attraction for sure.

If you want to have a great summer holiday Hurghada is the perfect place for you. Here you will find great beaches and perfect opportunities for practicing water sports. If you want to have the best discounted rates for your vacation you can book online hotel in Hurghada.

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