Top Canadian Beaches

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By total area (including its waters), Canada is the second-largest country in the world—after Russia. y land area, Canada ranks fourth. California’s beaches may be the most famous in North America (or are Floridians about to rise up and protest?) but Canada has its share of fantastic places to enjoy the water and catch the rays — almost too many to mention. Here are six of our favorites.

Sauble Beach: Sauble beach is located at shore of Lake Huron west of Owen Sound was voted as best beaches. It is 11km long sandy beach, having water is shallow and warm which is treat for young and old.

Qualicum Beach: this looks like truly traditional beach resort town. You will enjoy swimming and beachcombing because of its location and sandy beach. This is one of Grande dames of Canadian seaside destination.

Grand Beach: It is located in Grand Beach Provincial Park. It includes two beaches stretching 3km. the West Beach has perhaps the dubious distinction of having been selected as one of the world’s best beaches by Playboy Magazine. The East Beach is perhaps quieter but also popular with families.

Melmerby Beach: Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Shore offers melmerby’s mile-long sand beach is one of the finest beaches in the province.

Brackley Beach: Located in Prince Edward Island National Park, offers long starches of pristine sandy beaches. When you are in park, you should visit the literary land mark Green Gables.

Devonshire Beach: Devonshire Beach is something special indeed, with rare sand dune ecology that goes back 1500 years. It’s also the site of an annual sand building competition.

You can also view the lake from the 983-metre Marten Mountain Viewpoint, within the provincial park.

These are recommended beaches by us. You can have also user’s review over internet. Canada is vast country, where you can enjoy with nature see sights related to sea, lakes, hills and plain field also.

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