The most Worried about Food and Clothing Well-being of Poor People

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The most Worried about Food and Clothing Well-being of Poor People

“If re-visit the disaster area, I would like to see the daily life of affected people are protected, not lack of food, no shortage of clothing, with no shortage of children already attend school regularly, their residence is a warm winter, and their expression is peaceful . “2010 will soon be over, but in the minds of Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo, Yushu earthquakes, landslides and other disasters torrent Zhouqu large memories still linger.

Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief is just one of dozens of large and small percentage. Every end of the year drew to a close, difficult lives of the masses are always security issues affecting the whole society’s heart. Talk about their food, clothing cold, Li Liguo said, ensuring people are the core of the work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs functions, to which goalkeeper to make every effort throughout the country Ministry of Civil Affairs.

“Do everything possible to ensure that each affected people safe, warm winter”

Ministry of Civil Affairs office from 2003 to date, Li Liguo the experience of visiting the disaster area can be described as numerous. “Every trip to the disaster area would give me the experience left a deep memory of the scene in the affected areas to see I shall never forget.” Deep feelings of people in disaster areas, and civil cadres of his important driving force for the relief effort.

Southern snow and ice disaster, the devastating Wenchuan earthquake, southwest drought, earthquake Yushu in Qinghai, Gansu, large flash floods mudslides Zhouqu … … According to statistics, a total of 2.22 billion people suffer from various types of natural disasters, death tolls, missing 10. 4 million people, tolls direct economic losses of 2.5 trillion yuan!

Li Liguo, in recent years, the state disaster relief allowances and policies continue to improve every time disaster strikes, the basic livelihood of the affected people can get timely and effective protection. In the “fifth” period of emergency relief has been, back housing reconstruction, such as winter and spring on the basis of relief, the state in the “Eleventh Five-Year” period added to the drought relief, transitional living assistance, comfort the families of the victims, “the three isolated “personnel placement assistance and other projects.

Central disaster relief allowances and also a substantial increase in subsidies evacuated by the “fifth” period increased to 100 yuan per 150 yuan, single typhoon 70 yuan per capita, down from the housing subsidy 300 yuan subsidy per subsidy per household increased to 1 million yuan, 1.4 yuan per household reached alpine areas, winter and spring a living allowance from the per capita 30 yuan to 50 yuan.

Now it is the coldest season of the year, Qinghai, Gansu, people in disaster areas for the winter issue of social concern. Li Liguo said that the current civil affairs department has a total of 20 square meters to the thickening of Yushu transporting cotton tents 46000. Qinghai Province has issued 20,000 heating stoves, the stoves are not allotted the fire affected people paid the purchase subsidies, while also issuing a heating subsidies. In Zhouqu, 470 non-relatives and friends of the affected people has ability to be transferred to the fixed housing in the winter.

“Now we can ensure that disaster victims through the winter each a quilt, a piece of cotton, the basic rations a pound per person per day.” Li Liguo said, “Ministry of Civil Affairs will pay close attention to changes in the weather disaster trends, and the affected areas to strengthen the Home departments, do everything possible to ensure the safety of each of the affected people, warm winter. “

“Relief is entitled to the rights of poor people is the Government’s statutory responsibilities”

Generally established in rural subsistence allowances system for rural medical aid system to cover all agro-counties, the basic urban medical aid system established, the beneficiaries of collective Huzhugongji by farmers shift to government-based financial security … … Review the “Eleventh Five “course of development of social assistance, Li Liguo it be summarized in four historic new leap -

Social assistance system by a single break turn, help save the lives of the content from the unity of the comprehensive assistance to diversify, becomes more and more difficult for the people on the humane care, personal respect and humanity in the relief work to achieve a new leap forward;

Traditional forms of social assistance temporary relief from the institutionalization of regular steering assistance, extensive management mode from static to dynamic fine, operation and management more standardized, rigorous, scientific work in relief to achieve a new leap forward;

Range of social assistance from the city to focus on urban and rural, subsistence allowances, medical aid system to explore the full coverage from the typical urban and rural poor people increasingly enjoy the same treatment, care and fair equality of assistance in relief work to achieve the equalization a new leap forward;

The object of social assistance shifted from the traditional objects of Home residents and to all the difficulties low-income population to expand, the object based on their status by the approved way to salvage the standard basis, aid management more open, fair, just, in the relief work to achieve justice in the new across.

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