The General Chat Rules

The General Chat Rules

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Every single man or woman tied up with the stiff work regime are actually bored in their inner self. It might be true that they appear to talk upon general chat topic well but in their internal mind they might be suffering from severe loneliness. In order to refresh their mind and gain a relationship (In Thai : ความสัมพันธ์ ) they might look out for varied other options. Chat rooms of all kinds serve this ideal purpose. The chat rooms are available for every reason and as soon as one becomes a member of such rooms they need to understand the ways by which they can become successful. Of course one need to follow general rules in such public chat rooms.


Firstly it is good to wait in the side line and wait so that you get a chance to engage in the prevailing conversation. All those members chatting in the room might be in different places in different mind set.As soon as you enter into the room make it a point to understand that one need to be the “nice,cheer guy/gal”in all circumstances.


In online chats one must be the kind of genuine person who loves to involve themselves in interesting topics and such topics should prove to others in the room that he/she can make the others enjoy their stay in the room. Boring monotonous talks is also not welcomed by other members. Just remember that not all in a chat room might be showing adequate response to you and that does not drive the sense that you are being ignored in the room.This is because the other members might be either busily getting multiple chat invitations or private conversations which you might not be knowing!

Mis interpretation of conversations and involving in abusive languages is also not accepted by those in the general chat (In Thai : คุยแชท ) rooms. Chatting members of the chat room might be appearing to be so intimate to you so much to the extent that you might want to establish a stable relationship with that person but actually this proves to be wrong for many.


Let us admit we know no trusted information of the members there and some might push you to give your personal address and other details .At once one must take steps to move away and block that person.Your personal details should never be exposed and it is wise not to discuss your personal life relationships with other members of the site.Such discussions might seem to be pretty interesting in the beginning but in the long run that might seem to be putting your personal history under unwanted comments of the members.


Chat upon general topics and later try not to be so imposive .Never impose your personal likes/dislikes to others in the chat rooms.Upkeep a humorous interesting chat and be your own self.In the mean time you might be equally astonished to see the long ques of friends awaiting your entry in the chat room.


Genuine relationship can be created not in a fortnight but in the long run.So your sincere efforts can gain huge fulfilling rewards in the long run.Accept the fact that there are fake details and be prepared to engage in fun filled [cautious ] joyous chats!

Get more Tips on how to get healthy relationship (In Thai : ความสัมพันธ์ ) in general chat (In Thai : คุยแชท ) ??

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