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ISNA President's Letter to US Muslim Community

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ISNA President's Letter to US Muslim Community No Muslim leader in America, particularly those who volunteer in their positions wish to find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. However, reality is that many of us are between two attacks, those that come from Islamaphobes from whom we … Read more on

Real models for Arab-American advocacy in the US

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Real models for Arab-American advocacy in the US It is an inescapable and perennial question among Arabs and Arab Americans why they have found it so difficult to establish a political presence in Washington and exercise influence over U.S. government policies. A Nov. 30 Al Arabiya News panel held in … Read more on Al-Arabiya What American Hustle Doesn't Tell You About ABSCAM But there was another dimension of ABSCAM which American Hustle doesn't consider and media reviews have ignored and that is the impact ABSCAM had on Arab Americans. For many in my community the entire episode was just another instance of hurtful … Read more on Huffington Post The Muslim Christmas: Residents, religious leaders debate celebrating the holiday DEARBORN – The local Muslim-American community seems to have adopted several cultural and religious traditions as it has established its presence here. However, every year a debate seems to emerge amongst local residents over how to ingest the … Read more on Arab American News

US renews Lebanon travel warning

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US renews Lebanon travel warning “As the warning states, the Department [of State] is concerned about recent security-related incidents in the country and reiterates its long-standing advice that U.S. citizens avoid all travel to Lebanon, and carefully consider and accept risks if … Read more on The Daily Star Public servants charged over graft at Lebanon jail BEIRUT: Four Lebanese civil servants, including two police officers, and a contractor were charged Tuesday with corruption related to renovation work they allegedly performed at Roumieh prison. Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim charged two police … Read more on The Daily Star