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Do?s and Don?ts to Follow During Morocco Holidays

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Rich aromas of the spices, multihued cultures, lilting music, and an ambience of pleasing hospitality and warmness – Morocco seems like a blissful land stepped out of some fairy tale of Cinderella. Home to some amazing sights, Morocco lures millions of travellers to plan air travel and book flight tickets to this vivacious holiday destination. However, being a land of diverse cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs, travelling to Morocco becomes a bit tricky for the travellers at times. While it may be easy to book cheap flights to Morocco, travellers who are not aware of the basic do’s and don’ts while in Morocco might find it difficult to make the most of their Morocco holidays. Read on to know about some useful tips to relish rewarding and enjoyable holidays in Morocco. Don’ts Being an Arabian country, Morocco is very rigid for its customs and beliefs and do not accept any sort of disobedience from the outsiders. Having booked cheap flights to Morocco, travellers must heed these tips about all that is considered wrong in the eyes of Moroccans: Ramadan is a significant festival of Morocco in which people are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in public. Therefore, travellers visiting Morocco during Ramadan must not indulge in any such pleasures of life in public and must limit them to their hotel rooms. Visitors to Morocco must not offer alcohol to any Muslim unless they are sitting in a bar. While going on an outdoor trip in the country, travellers must dress conservatively without flaunting the skin of their arms or legs. Swimsuits should be limited to beach areas or hotels’ pools only. Do not hurt the religious sentiments of the locals of the country by doing anything offensive or unacceptable. Travellers must avoid carrying excessive cash and valuables with them while going on outdoor tours in Morocco. The travellers must take prior permission before taking pictures at any religious spot in the country. Moreover, taking pictures of the women folks of the country is highly intolerable and may lead the photographer into great troubles. Morocco has zero tolerance for drugs and has severe penalties for suspects involved in any such cases. Therefore, travellers booking cheap flights to Morocco must not engage in any such cases. It is advisable for those taking air travel to Morocco to avoid huge public gathering and processions. Dos The locals of Morocco are deeply rooted to their culture and tradition. They like the fact when travellers respect their religion and make efforts to follow them. If Moroccans take someone in their good-list, they leave no stone unturned in offering them the best hospitality and reception ever. Learning a few Arabic words can be really helpful for the travellers in interacting and getting friendly to the locals of Morocco. Though most of the population of the country speaks French, but a “salam” (hello) can do wonders for sure. While interacting with the locals, travellers may greet them with a handshake and welcoming inquiries about wellness, contentment and family chitchats. While travelling in the country, travellers must keep a low profile to avoid catching too much of unnecessary attention. For the women travellers visiting the country, it is very important to be polite yet confident to stay away from pit holes. They must not trust strangers and may make a polite refusal in case asked for an invitation. Unnecessary eye contacts, mixing with unknown people, and excessively frank nature can be really hazardous for solo women travelling to Morocco. Much as it may sound funny, most small-scale hotels in Morocco do not keep toilet papers in their amenities. Therefore, travellers may bring toilet papers along with them while visiting the country. Aston Morgan is a travel consultant and advisor for cheap flights and travel package deals from UK. His hobbies are Travelling, Writing, Biking and Snooker. He is interested in writing on travelling and flights to Morocco, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Seychelles and other global destinations. His blog: Related Morocco Articles

Good Known Facts on International Shipping to Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa

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International shipping is indeed a very difficult and professional task which is carried out by the expert international cargo and freight moving company. Simply going for the international shipping without having any idea about the international trade and shipping protocols would come out to be a task out of hands. Africa, Morocco, and Nigeria are ended on the world trade map and many western and European countries are transporting commercial cargo as well as household goods to these countries as they have well written trade agreement with them. Irrespective of the fact whether you are shipping to Morocco, or Africa or Nigeria, it is very obvious that you have complete idea on the international shipping protocols. Having basic knowledge on international shipping to Nigeria, Africa or Morocco would give safe hands in transferring the household goods. Basics on International shipping to Nigeria You should have handy when shipping to Nigeria includes Passport (in original), Visa, Work Permit and Residence Permit. Besides, you need to get the personal bank account after you have landed in Nigeria as this is essential for Form M. It is also very important FR you to have the Certificate of Residence Change, Customs and Excise Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form Sale 48 and a detailed inventory of household goods in English language. You should also complete the PUB form after arriving in Nigeria. In addition, you should also be having a reliable letter which will authorize the destination agent to clear your shipment. Make sure that are not carrying any of the prohibited items which largely include Air pistols, Airmail photographic, printing paper, Base or counterfeit currency, Blank Invoices, Cowries, combustible celluloid beads or similar nature substances, international football pool coupons etc. If you are also shipping the motor vehicle, it is very important that you have Proof of ownership, Original logbook or Registration Certificate, Insurance papers. If your vehicle is over eight years old, it will not be allowed to enter Nigeria. You should also carry invoice of purchase. Basics on International shipping to Morocco If you are shipping to Morocco, make sure that you have complete inventory which has been French Consular. You also need to have the originals of Work Permit or Work Certificate from the employer. In addition, there should also be Certificate of Residence Change (original), which is otherwise issued by the local authority when you depart from your country. Do not carry prohibited items like Moroccan currency, Pornographic, and politically sensitive material, Narcotics and drugs etc. Check with the international cargo and Freight Company for farther details.  Basics on International shipping to South Africa If you are shipping to South Africa, it would indeed become necessary that you have detailed inventory of the products which you are shipping. Do not try to conceal any personnel goods as this will put you in a complex situation and you may even have to pay huge penalty. There are different terms and conditions which exist for commercial vehicle shopping and car shipping and therefore, it is your responsibility to look into the real details. The most important thing that you should take into account when searching for international shipping is the Shipping to Nigeria.Once you find that they are offering best quotes, you should be ready to choose one of them More Morocco Articles

The Kingdom Of Morocco – A Getaway Destination Devoid Of The Crowds

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It can be so tough to choose where to go on vacation sometimes. You want to travel to someplace you know will be fun, but you don’t want to have to deal with mobs of tourists clogging the streets. You want all the good things that come with vacation, but you don’t want to have to deal with touristy attractions. If you are looking for a place that has all these benefits but without the crazy mobs, head to Morocco. Just remember that you will need a passport, and make sure it’s not damaged or missing. If your passport is in bad shape or if you can’t find it, go online and access an expedited U S passport service. These online passport processing sites specialize in passport expediting. Instead of having to wait in long lines at the post office and then wait for months upon months for your passport to arrive, you fill out the form online, pick a delivery date, and then wait for your passport. These sites can handle any sort of passport service you might need, including being able to add U.S. passport pages if you’ve used all yours up. There are a whole lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Morocco. UNESCO picks these sites and grants them this special distinction when they exemplify extreme natural, historical, or cultural significance in our world. And with such a special distinction, you can be sure they are fun sites to see and explore. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Morocco are generally either archaeological sites or historical sites. A very famous World Heritage Site is Valubilis. Valubilis was a very important town to the Romans, and there is a whole city of Roman ruins to explore. Two of the most impressive buildings are the Capitol and the Basilica. Many of the columns originally built in the Capitol are still there, and you can still walk the center aisle of the Basilica. There are many mosaics around the site, many depicting Classical Roman mythology, like various sea monsters and Diana, the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Meknes is another very famous World Heritage Site in Morocco. It is similar to Valubilis in that it also has a very long history and is full of interesting things to see. It differs from Valubilis because people still live there. The palace of Dar El Makhzen is one of the most spectacular things to see. This palace was occupied by the ruler of Morocco, Moulay Ismail. He ruled over Morocco for 60 years throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Bab Mansour gate is another interesting thing to see. It was built by the renowned El-Mansur, who used actual columns from the site of Valubilis to construct it. When Ismail asked El-Mansur if he was able to do better, El-Mansur replied yes, and Ismail had him executed. In Morocco, you will find no shortage of culture, religion, and history to experience. The streets are alive with color, but the huge mobs of tourists are no where to be found. Remember to have your passports though. More Morocco Articles

Tour Morocco with a New Year?s Eve party that you will remember forever

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New Years Eve/Sylvester where will you be? As every year, sitting at home, watching TV and sipping your champagne or at some crowded party screaming over the loud music? Do you want to do something completely different this year? If yes, then pack your bags and book your Morocco tour and spend a memorable night in incredible scenery of the Sahara Desert. There are several Moroccan tour operators that organize desert tours with camel rides for New Year’s Eve to the Sahara desert. Most of them originate in Marrakech, but few from other cities such as Fes or Casablanca. They can be a very long trips with combine other sightseeing in a big groups, or small, private tours for just few days. The celebration of New Year’s Eve in the Saharan sand dunes starts right after one of a kind sun set when the color of the sand changes from bright red to ochre, purplish chocolate. Then under star filled sky a big bonfire is made where a welcoming mint tea and bowl of dates is served. A night will come alive to the rhythm and chants of the drums, castanets and guitars played by the Nomads; Sahara traditional music inspired by the African spirit of dance and Arabic rhythm. A good time and emotions of happiness will overlay in this landscape. You are among friends, people who care and know how life is so unique and beautiful. Then the party continues with a major feast. Have a delicious mechui – a whole roasted lamb, accompanied by Royal Cous Cous. Trays of delicious cookies and other desserts will be available. Turn the Sahara desert onto an outdoor dancehall. Dance all night or retire to your Nomad tent for a night of celestial sleep. Tour Morocco with a New Year’s Eve party that you will remember forever.   For more information about Tour Morocco please visit on  

Incredible Mountain Ranges Make Cheap Flights to Morocco Popular

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Most people around the world perhaps envisage large desert plains or old medinas when they think of Morocco. While it is true that these physical features constitute a big part of the country’s geography, it is equally appropriate to say that there is much more to the landscape of this enthralling country! The country’s landscape is dominated and completed by numerous majestic mountain ranges that are spectacular tourist attractions beguiling holiday makers from all over the globe to grab cheap tickets on airlines to the country. Amazing rich in flora and fauna, these mountain ranges are also home to a variety of nomadic tribes who practise ancient cultures and traditions! The mountains of Morocco offer an array of interesting adventure activities for the enthusiasts enticing them to seek cheap flights to Morocco. Holiday makers can take part in sport activities like climbing, hiking, mule-aided trekking and skiing! People can also buy handicrafts at these mountains that are much more durable and much cheaper than found in any medina. Top Mountain Ranges in Morocco Take in the incredible views, sample the remarkable flora and discover an altogether new world on your way up! Take a look at various mountain ranges that make different airlines’ flights to Morocco so incredibly popular. Atlas Mountains Atlas Mountains extend for about 2,500 km and divide the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The Atlas Mountains is almost a paradise for trekkers, providing year-round trekking, spectacular scenery and crowd free trails. However, the mountains are perhaps best known for offering an insight into the fascinating Berber cultures in the numerous lovely villages in the valleys. Most mountain enthusiasts have the incredible Atlas Mountains as the key reason to hunt for cheap tickets on flights to Morocco. Amtoudi Peak Amtoudi is as fascinating an area as it gets! Slightly off the beaten path as far as regular Moroccan tourism is concerned, Amtoudi is still able to hold the attention of tourists and makes for one of the most attractive stops on any visit. Amtoudi feature one of the oldest and best preserved granaries in North Africa. These granaries (or agadirs as they are called) belong to the times when bandits ruled the roost and agadirs were used to store grain, dates and gunpowder! Chefchaouen Mountains Chefchaouen Mountains is one fascinating range that is located in the midst of several other mountains. Chefchaouen Mountains has two major peaks – Jebel Meggou and Jebel Tisouka. While Jebel Meggou is 1625 meters above sea level, Jebel Tisouka is situated at a dizzying 2050 meters above sea level. Jebel Tisouka additionally features a mosque at the top – regarded by the locals as the most splendid location for morning worship! Tafraoute Mountains The grand rocky mountains of Tafraoute are perhaps the biggest attractions in the area that make cheap flights to Morocco such a popular affair. The inhabitants around the pink-coloured Tafraoute Mountains are proud but simple people who strive to keep their surroundings neat and clean. The windows of the crimson houses that are framed by white painting offer quite a dramatic sight for the travellers! Tan Tan Mountains Located in South West Morocco, the Tan Tan Mountains are majestic ranges that outshine the town of Tan Tan. Famous for its rare flat top, Tan Tan Mountains are revered all over the region. Perhaps the best way to experience the remarkable splendour of the Tan Tan Mountains is to get on top of them from where travellers can enjoy the splendid views of the Southern Slope as well as the mesmerising views of the Tan Tan plain with all its glittering brooks, ridges and sand dunes. Aston Morgan is a travel consultant and advisor for cheap flights and travel package deals from UK. His hobbies are Travelling, Writing, Biking and Snooker. He is interested in writing on travelling and Flights to Morocco, India, USA, Australia and other global destinations. He is currently associated with His blog: Related Morocco Articles

4 Ways To Spend Your Morocco Vacation At Gorgeous Locations

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An exciting lifestyle and a beautiful environment makes Morocco an attractive place in which to live or vacation. This North African country, with its rich cultural and scenic offerings, attracts numerous visitors annually. These cities are a conglomeration of lifestyles and ethnic backgrounds. Morocco is not only a wonderful tourist, destination but a great place for property investments. Perhaps you will choose the attractive Tangier property as the location of your vacation home and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea, or maybe your retirement home will be a villa in Saidia, a quiet, coastal town. The natural diversity of the different provinces of Morroco entices people who have varying preferences. Read on to learn how to make the most of your Morocco visit. If you are interested in staying in coastline and beaches then try Tetouan Northern Morocco has two important ports and Tetouan is one of them. Wherever you look, you get to see orange orchards, stately cypress trees and aristocratic homes all of which make Tetouan truly remarkable. Tetouan, which is situated on the Mediterranean coast, is famous for its extensive beaches. The best and most aesthetically pleasing beaches in the entire Mediterranean area can be found in the Tetouan area. This is a good location to check out if the beach is your thing. Try Playa Vista if you prefer a sense of privacy and seclusion Lovely Playa Vista is nestled in the hills, offering a great panoramic ocean vista. The bay where Playa Vista is nestled in is bordered by pine-covered hillsides which give guests and residents a sense of peace of privacy. There are many recreation areas and special features that offer benefits and rest in the Playa Vista. This Moroccan development has the advantages of being in a country setting with access to all the urban conveniences. Look in Tangier if you prefer city life while enjoying culture and history Morocco has many large cities of which Tangier is very well known. The city is so historically and culturally rich in part due to the variety of civilizations that have left their mark on it throughout history. If you wish to educate yourself on these historical facts, there are myriad museums that can be visited. Tangier is a good choice if you prefer to have a busy atmosphere. The city has plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars, giving it a vibrant night scene. The souks and market places of Tangier draw many tourists. If you love beaches and enjoy warm weather, Saidia’s Mediterranean climate and golden sand are sure to please “Blue Pearl” is another name of the town Saidia. The coastline of Saidia is one of the longest in Morocco and is distinct for its golden sands. Saidia has a temperate climate, and promises to be a peaceful haven for your vacation. Without a doubt, Morocco is a magnificent place to visit. Anyone would be enticed by it’s diverse attractions and it’s rich atmosphere. For additional information on opportunities Tangier you can check out Immobilier Tanger online at