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Cheap Morocco Holidays for Global Travelers

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Morocco, being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world is known for its rich heritage that comprise of artistic landscapes, green river valleys, mountain ranges and white sandy coasts. Planning a Moroccan holiday would definitely be a mind blowing experience for people who wish to escape from their monotonous and hectic schedules. With the tag of one of the hotspot tourist destinations, Morocco invites travelers to explore its splendid and majestic cities from across the globe. Several tour operators design cheap morocco holiday packages as per the requirements of the tourists. This multifaceted country attracts tourists from all over the world round the year. What makes Morocco a hot favorite North African holiday destination is its rich cultural heritage that is highlighted in the lush green valleys of Atlas Mountains and a tinge of white sands of the shores of Atlantic Ocean. Role of Tour Operators If you are looking for cheap Morocco holiday packages, visiting a reputed tour operator is the best option. These tour operators design vacation packages as per the requirements of customers and within their budget. From hotel accommodation to framing an itinerary till their stay in the country is all done by the tour operators. The itinerary would include visit to some of the popular tourist places and famous Moroccan cities such as Casablanca, Fes, High Atlas Mountains etc amongst a lot many. The role of a tourist operator is felt important when it gets hard to get cheap airfares or accommodations during the peak season. Morocco, being the busiest tourist destinations might not prove to be a worthy enough place during the odd season of August. It is because; this is the hottest month of the year and the time of ‘Ramadan’ the Muslim month of fasting. Nonetheless, the best time to visit this magnificent North African country is during autumn. This is the time when Morocco is flooded with maximum number of tourists from countries across the globe. Unique Selling Proposition of Morocco The USP of traveling to Morocco is spending an evening to enjoy the mid eastern and North African music and dance. The traditional Moroccan dancers or belly dancers will make your evening an enthralling one. The traditional version of this is known as the Moroccan folklore dance that depicts the celebration of life. Morocco Travel Tours offers cheap morocco holidays, tours to morocco and luxury morocco holidays packages. Find a cheap morocco tours and family holidays package at cost effective rates.

PMI Global Congress 2014 to Showcase Project Plans for Dubai World Expo 2020

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PMI Global Congress 2014 to Showcase Project Plans for Dubai World Expo 2020 NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. & DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — There is an urgent demand for project managers with technical project management, business management, and leadership skills in the EMEA region, where, according to PMI's Industry Growth … Read more on The Herald | (press release) Novel twist to home cooking in Dubai The innovative recipe delivery service was recently launched in Dubai to make the home cooking experience easy, fun, and hassle-free for the budding home chef. The main driver behind the argument for home cooking is cost. In the UAE, the average person … Read more on 5 things to do today in Dubai Dubai Knowledge Village, Al Sufouh (04 438 6800). Enjoy beauty-to-go at The Spa: This quick service at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort's spa includes an essential mani-pedi and an Elemis taster facial. Dhs360 for 90 minutes. Until April 30. JA Jebel Ali Golf … Read more on

Keeping Faith With the Global “Pale Male” in the 2008 US Election

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“Pale Male” is the name of a red-tailed eagle that has nested in the tony upper east side of Fifth Avenue Manhattan, in the arguable world-center of New York City. The name was immortalized as a phrase in the 2008 Democratic convention when former Republican Virginia Governor Mark Warner, now running for a United States Senate seat, endorsed Barack Obama as the first United States Presidential candidate who was not a “pale male.” The conservative white man endorsing a liberal black candidate is the beacon of light for America to go forward in a global world when a privileged “pale male” dominated global society comes to terms with a reality in which neither “pale” nor “male” dominates. European-descended white men have ruled the world for the 2,000 years since semi-white Egyptians were conquered by dark, southern European Romans in the Cleopatra days after defeat of blond Greeks for domination of the most fertile parts of the world. Aggressive manly attributes led to the dominance that began with the conquering of lands for agriculture, which led to production of exportable goods and then to the financing of those exports. Europe grew rich by developing the means and mechanisms to enable dominant white men to grow in power through subjugation. Women, biologically charged with the physical demands of carrying on the domestic end of facilitating men’s advances into the greater world, fell into place with moving upward in society through men who operated by pitting countries, regions and peoples against each other. The formula has long collapsed as the world has grown to its present global stage. It has long been known that climatic conditions no longer dictate the limitations for cultivating and disseminating products needed the world over, which includes cotton for clothing, food for eating, energy sources to fuel activities, medicines to fight diseases that don’t recognize borders and rogue elements who don’t recognize the rule of law in maintaining international order. Developing and implementing the tools to make the new global economy work, however, requires the world to make peace with the ramifications of the global “pale male” phenomenon as it stands at present. An irrigation system for Africa or the parched Middle East could provide a big boost to American industry and jobs, along with America’s financial industries. No such system can start to get off the ground without recognition of global weaknesses and strengths at the racial, gender, regional, national and ideological levels. Europe and America, for example, have an industrial and developmental advantage. Asian and Middle Eastern countries have the edge on the longevity of cultural strengths, including financial prudence. Africa has the vitality of youth, openness and opportunity for growth. South America is teaming with Russia and China in purported social advancement for their people through alliances while women make great strides in gaining power in countries at the most and least developed levels, in the United States, Finland and Libya, among many others. All those actors operating beyond the presently dominating “pale male” standard of global relations are, nevertheless, dealing with the “pale male” mindset adapted by non-pale-male contemporary leaders, including those of North Korea, Iran, and no telling how many others at what levels of government in Russia, Israel, the United States and every country. The female US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, for example, has anti-choice views she would impose on American women if put in a position to do so. That “pale male” phenomenon of imposing views on others no longer works, but it is the “pale males” like former Governor Mark Warner who need to lead the transition away from the outdated seeming advantages of rule by force that non-pale-males have adopted as the formula for getting ahead. The 2008 US election has brought that outmoded way of dealing with the world to global public attention. A resounding successful election will put America back into the leadership role in getting the world beyond the crippling “pale male” mentality. Helen Fogarassy is a New York based internationalist writer who has worked on a contract basis with the United Nations for nearly 20 years. She is the author of a suspense novel, The Midas Maze, about murderous hijinks in UN/US relations. She is also the author of The Light of a Destiny Dark, a novel about the Euro-American cultural gap through Hungarian eyes, and a nonfiction eyewitness tribute to the UN’s work, Mission Improbable: The World Community on a UN Compound in Somalia. All are available on the major web bookstore sites.

Middle East drought a threat to global food prices

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Middle East drought a threat to global food prices AMMAN (Reuters) – The Middle East's driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops depleted and farmers' livelihoods blighted, U.N. experts and climatologists say. Varying degrees of drought are hitting … Read more on Chicago Tribune BUSINESS-NEWS-SCHEDULE AT 0930 GMT / 4.30 AM ET AMMAN – The Middle East's driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops depleted along with farmers' livelihoods, U.N. experts and climatologists say. (CLIMATE-DROUGHT/MIDDLEAST (PICTURE), expect by … Read more on Reuters