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The Madinah Arabic: islamic books

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These books contain various exercises such as filling in the blanks, making questions with answers, reading and writing. These texts are a collection of eight volume texts which enable children to acquire a knowledge of Arabic. All the books use applied grammar to teach essential language skills. Each lesson is based on a conversation which highlights language patterns. A variety of exercises helps children to understand and master each of the patterns occurring in the lesson. The vocabulary ranges from classical and Quran Arabic to words and expressions current in modern Arabic. This series of books is currently being made use of for preparing students for the University of London (UK) GCE O-level and A-level examinations. The books use different coloured text which enables  faster remembering of words. Colour contrast in text acts as a useful remembering tool. There are also child friendly pictures that will increase childrens’ interest. Opposite pages are also in different colours which helps relieve dullness of printed matter. Each lesson also has points to remember which are in the form of a summing up of the main points taught in the lesson. Reading exercises are not confined to standard ones but also involve vocal lessons which would help in practicing the pronunciation of words. This is as important as knowing new words while learning a new language. The exercises made use of, aim at increasing grammar skills such as by the use of demonstrative pronouns, use of plural and use of new words. Grammar teaching is thus prevented from becoming repetitive and boring. Variety is introduced to increase children’s interest and also make the teaching process an active one, involving interaction between children and teachers. Children are also taught to read and examine thereby combining learning skills to create a new experience. The inner cover of the book contains pictures of other books published by this Islamic book store. For more information please visit our website: Learn Islam-Through Woman Islamic Books Goodword Islamic Books For more information about other Islamic Book visit Islamic Books Store

How to Choose an Arabic Tattoo

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Why get an Arabic tattoo? This trend is widely spread in the UK and with Angelina Jolie’s and Rihanna’s help – it is also becoming more and more popular in the US. However, this is not the main reason why people decide to get an Arabic tattoo. The most prominent reason is having family or roots that you want to commemorate. So how to choose your Arabic inscription? First of all, choose a word or phrase that you relate to. Many people choose poetry, or inspirational quotes. The easiest choice is a name of you or someone you love. Second, consult a professional translator to see how well your word or phrase translate into Arabic. Arabic lacks certain letters that exist in English so even the simplest name can sound and mean something different in Arabic. Check if your translation will have other meanings that you may be unaware of. Third, which is a very important step, choose the font and design for your tattoo. When the trend of Arabic tattoos started, the traditional Arabic font was the only option available, unless you knew someone who has Arabic installed on his computer and can download fonts for you. But now, you can Google the term “Arabic tattoo” and come across many beautiful fonts and designs for your tattoo. Some sites offer calligraphy which is a very special way to display your tattoo. If you are more traditional, you might want to go with a simple circle or a vertical line. And for the last part – which is a crucial step: make sure you give the tattoo artist accurate instructions on how to place your tattoo. Chances are your tattoo artist will not be able to tell if you have given him a flipped design. So writing a simple “left” and “right” on your design, guarantees that the result will be an actual Arabic inscription tattoo and not a mirrored one. If you do learn to identify the Arabic letters at some point, you will come to realize that many tattoos are actually meaningless, or inverted, rotated, mirrored and flipped. Amber Sheldon, who recently got her Arabic tattoo and helped in preparing this article, said the following thing: “When I started thinking about my Arabic tattoo, I thought that a simple Google search will give me the answer on how to translate my short tattoo phrase – ‘my art my life’. But the more I looked into it I realized that doing it right means taking this phrase to a professional translator and a tattoo designer. It took a couple of days extra but knowing that my tattoo is correct was worth it. And being a designer myself I appreciated the option to choose a design that is not like all the other Arabic tattoos you see out there!” To view Arabic tattoos and Arabic tattoo ideas go to – Arabic Tattoo.

The Secret behind Arabic TV Channels

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Today Arabic TV channels have been become craziest and most popular source of entertainment among Arabian people, because they are broadcasting a variety of TV shows, programs and news that wins the heart of all age group of people. There are many popular TV channels in the Arab world including, Al-Jazeera, Al- Jazeera English, Al-jazeera International, Al-Jazeera sports, Qatar TV, Qatar TV channel, Al Atheer,  Al-Riyadiah, Saudi Arabian TV1, Saudi Arabian TV2, SAT TV, Syria satellite channel, Abu Dhabi sports, Al-Arabia, CNBC Arabiya, Dubai sports channel, MBC, MBC1 and many more are emerging TV channels in the Gulf countries. Most of Arabian channels are transmitted cultural TV programs based on Arab world ancient story and events which expressed the preached of Allah and scholar of Arabian world. Some programs are liked by all age group of people but other programs seen by different people such as youths like modern TV shows, news, entertainment, recent movies, music& song programs, fun story and some more where senior citizens like cultural and religious programs based on ancient history as well as preached of Islamic preachers, but children and teenagers like the programs which gives more entertainment like dance and music programs, funny story etc. The cultural and local programs based on Islam religion are more visited by people in the Gulf countries. News and Entertainment Programs A number of channels in broadcast the local news as well as Internationals and liked by millions of people. The local news transmit the fresh and latest news on city or region based events where national and International news including own country and foreign news. Some of the satellite TV’s broadcast the business news as well as trade related information. So the people of Gulf region also like all the news programs which provide information on different events. The news programs are helped to people in getting more knowledge. Various TV shows on Arabic TV Today there are more than thousands of Arabic TV channels and stations in the Gulf countries and they transmit the different TV shows based on religious culture as well as modern style. The religious program expressed information and preaches to people because all the people of Islamic religion like it more and believe in the Allah as well as religious preachers. Most of programs of these channels are expressed in Arabic language that reached to the every people. They not only convey the local and national language programs but also broadcast the Hollywood and Bollywood shows and movies for the people who like it. Also these channel are not broadcast the shows and programs in Arabian countries but also in the every corner across the world, because the community of Islamic religion people are lived in the different parts of the world and they like their local TV shows and programs. I hope that all the information about these TV stations will help to you in connected with Arabian world.     If you pay big amount per month for Arabic TV channels and yet face the problem of picture clarity and sound problems. So don’t worry contact with and search your favorite Arabic channel packages with high quality digital sound and picture clarity. More Arab Articles

Days of the Week in Moroccan Arabic

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The names used for the days of the week, in Moroccan Arabic, and the numbers used for counting in both Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic are similar. This is because words for some days of the week are the same words or similar (derivatives) as the ones used for counting. We will clarify this point with some examples. When counting in Standard Arabic. The following words are used for counting: one – wahed two – etneen three – thlata four – areb’a five – khamsa six – seta seven – sb’a Here are the names for the days of the week in Moroccan Darija: Sunday – lhad Monday – etneen Tuesday – tlat Wednesday – larbe’ Thursday – lekhmis Friday – jem’a Saturday – sebt Note, the similarities between the words for some of the names of the days of the week and the numbers used for counting. Sunday is regarded as day 1. Monday is regarded as day 2 and the word for 2 is ‘etneen’ while the word for Monday is also ‘etneen.’ The word for the number 3 is ‘tlata’ while the word for Tuesday is ‘tlat’ which is similar to ‘tlata.’ There are days of the week which bear no similarity to the numbers used for counting. It should be noted that the word “youm” is sometimes used in front of the day of week. The word ‘youm’ means “day.” Here are a few examples: youm lhad youm etneen youm larbe The days of the week, used in Moroccan Arabic, bear similarity to the numbers used for counting in Standard Arabic. Likewise, the numbers used for counting in Moroccan Arabic also bear similarity to the words used for the days of the week. The exceptions are the words “juj” which means 2 and the word “khamsa” which means 5. The words for day 2 (Monday) and day 5 (Friday) have no similarity to the words “juj” or “khamsa.” The numbers used for counting in Moroccan Arabic are listed below: one – wahed two – juj three – tlata four – reb’a five – khamsa six – sta seven – sb’a The names for the days of the week and the numbers for counting in Standard Arabic and in Moroccan Arabic are similar. This is because some of the days of the week use the same words or are derivatives of the words that are used when counting. Learn more about the Moroccan Arabic language and the ways you can learn how to speak Moroccan Find More Arab Articles

Surf the Web with Virtual Arabic Keyboard

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Do you find it difficult to type the Arabic words on the internet? Touch typing is the perfect way to type Arabic using an English keyboard. All you need to do is just click the letters on the virtual keyboard or press the corresponding keys on the English keyboard. Well, you can even surf and YouTube using Arabic phrase. You are eager to find out what all is going on in the Arabic media or you just want to search your favourite Arabic video on YouTube. With just one click of your mouse, you can enter into the some of the popular Arabian sites providing you all the information you want. All this is not possible until and unless you have a computer system with an Internet connection. Even after fulfilling these two requirements, you still face the problem of accessing the internet. The problem is that you don’t know how to type Arabic words and phrases in the search box using an English keyboard. The problem will not sort out even if you download Arabic font. Since you don’t know which letter in your English keyboard corresponds to the Arabic letter, so it will not help you. Moreover, till the time you will be able to find respective keys for Arabic words on your English keyboard, you won’t be interested in surfing the Arabic websites any more. If you think that putting stickers on your English keyboard will help you out, you are mistaken in this case. For this, you must know which letter on your keyboard will type the specific word in Arabic language. In case, you know this what-is-what of the Arabic typing then it is better to just download the Arabic font instead of putting stickers. Touch typing is just the best solution for your problem. There are special websites that provide you with virtual keyboard pictures. These diagrams of keyboards present the Arabic letters that will type on screen when you click. So, in a way you get comfort of not using the hardware. If you have knowledge of Arabic words you can type and surf using the online keyboard and that also with similar effect. There are even websites that provide you with a facility to even access Google or YouTube using their virtual keyboards. Such websites have the buttons with facility to connect you to the Internet. All you need to do is just type the Arabic phrase you want to search for and click the Google and YouTube buttons on the online keyboard. You will get the results for your search. You can even use the virtual keyboard so as to practice typing on the English keyboard. For this, you have to put the virtual keyboard on your computer screen for help and type using the English one. There is a facility to transliterate the Arabic keyboard letters thereby making it simpler for people who are not aware of Arabic writing. You just need to practise for a week or more and then see yourself mastering it. However, if you want to type longer texts, it is better to learn typing on the English keyboard as it will definitely help you out. If you want to surf the web for a particular Arabic term, it will be the perfect option to use virtual keyboard websites. If you want to learn how to write as well as read Arabic, such websites are the perfect medium. Moreover, it is always more effective to learn a language in this way rather than learning it from a book. In fact a virtual keyboard comes with an advantage of access to the Internet that is not provided by other any other medium. The author of this article is Ahmed Ismail, the CEO of It is a virtual Arabic keyboard that enables one to write in Arabic language along with an access to Google and YouTube. Find More Arab Articles

An Arabic Update on Internet News

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The Arab World has been going through dramatic changes and is to witness plenty of bloodshed and disturbances of gigantic proportions.  Every form of media is covering the Arabian world and feeding it to their viewers.  The majority of the news that are being viewed across the world is the news that is broadcasted on CNN, BBC and the penetration of Arab news channels is remarkably low. It is important, therefore, that a news channel from the Arab nations makes its presence felt and gives a level playing field even for the Arabian nations. Every story has different versions and a viewer one news channel is limited to the news and views presented by that channel. The viewers therefore, build theories on the facts that they have witnessed and can lead to misconceptions about the Arab people by themselves.  The flow of information or news cannot be ebbed. People use all forms of news such as the newspapers, magazines, television and the internet. Online viewing of news has been gathering momentum with people needing to update themselves on the developments across the world. Several news web sites are found to be live streaming of news from across the world. The social networking such as Facebook, twitter and Google+ seem to be playing a bigger role in flashing developments that have been happening on a minute to minute basis which are shared by viewer after viewer thereby generating public opinion on an incident. Instant videos, live photographs in High definition are all defining what the news of today should be all about. The internet media has definitely made the world smaller and the people are now curious to know about different places, people, cultures, language etc.  People from across the world want to visit and explore the different places in the world and therefore make generous news of the internet to know about the countries they want to visit, the places of interest in that country etc.  A separate web page from the Arab world, therefore, will be visited with interest by people who want to know about the weather, people, and cuisine and get themselves before hand for the trip. People, therefore, get the much needed respite from the usual travel web sites which promise a lot and deliver little. A good look at the Arab web site and the viewer will know what to derive from that place. An Arab web site, on the other hand, plays a vital role in educating the Arabs about themselves. It will make them aware about the goings-on in the world. It helps to enhance their perception about the views of the west and the rest of the world. They can access high resolution photographs, real time videos of the events that have been occurring and help to keep them in pace with the rest of the world. It also makes possible for the Arabs who are settled out of their countries to know about the goings on in their country.  An Arab news web page can provide news from the world of business, sports, fashion all in rich Arabic script.   It is time for the Arabs to open up for the world.   Looking for Arab News Online? Visit for latest Arabic News. Find More Arab Articles