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Americans Can Revolt Every Two Years – Vote For the Right Person

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There is the belief amongst Americans that it is okay to give up certain liberties in exchange for security. So long as we are alive, it is okay for the government to spy on us, to take away some of rights, and slowly creep towards tyranny. Why? So long as we are safe and not attacked, who needs attacked, right? Wrong. As one person once put it, “I’d rather be dead than living under the shackles of tyranny.” Fortunately, there is a way for you to revolt against the government without having to raise arms against them. As another person put it, “revolting against the government is impossible – They have tanks and helicopters.” Just because you are not revolting like the founding fathers did, you are still able to revolt. Because of our right to vote for people that we want, the politicians have to live in fear of losing their job. We are the people that have the power to give and take the jobs from our representatives. The unfortunate thing is: we forget that we have that power. So, rather than doing anything about it, we just grow complacent and allow politicians to do as they please. If we, as a nation, dislike the current government, we can vote someone else in. Every two years, every Representative has to run for election again. Their job is, technically, in our hands.  Your responsibility as voters is to ensure that the elected officials do what you want. In other words, if you want a certain thing to happen, you should let your elected officials know. By doing this, they can effectively represent you. The issue is that sometimes, they don’t do their job properly. They do what is most beneficial to their wallets or to secure money for the next election and don’t consider the voters. If this happens, rather than being complacent and allowing them to do as they please, it is the voter’s responsibility to respond to this with a big, fat, “No vote!” Your responsibility is to ensure that the elected officials do what you want. If you don’t, they will do what it is that they want and if this happens, where is the real representation? Instead, ensure that the representatives and senators do what their constituents want, not what they want. Doing this reminder will allow the nation to be for the people and not the elite elected officials. Jacob is the co-founder and owner of a political commentary web publication. One of the issues that he writes about often is the need for Americans to know what their civil liberties are.

Italian Americans – Remaining Fair Game For Political Incorrectness!

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A few years ago, an article written by Anne Beatts, entitled, The Amore, The Merrier, appeared in the Los Angeles Times. The article commences by informing the reader of a recent report made from a study done on contemporary life style in Italy. The study reveals that the majority of young couples there choose not to have children. Based upon similar related revelations in the study, the report concludes, 150 years from now, there will be no more Italians! To which, Ms Beatts interjects editorially, “To some people, that might be cause for rejoicing.” Confident that we are now chuckling along with her, she continues in an attempt at humor, making degrading racial inferences about Italian- American life experiences in the USA. This is accomplished by posing a series of queries to the reader such as: “Have you ever experienced the thrill of clam sauce. Peppered with stray bullets in Little Italy?” and followed by another, ” Have You ever felt a clammy hand that doesn’t belong to you, touch something very personal, that does belong to you, on a crowded bus in the Piazza Di Spagna?” Now to me, the most infuriating thing about this article was the resultant absence of any voice of protest by those generally vigilant members from the variety of the Politically Correct Policing Organizations that normally would rush in with outcries of injustice. If this article had been predicated on the report of an impending world in which there would be an absence of Mexicans or Black-Africans, it never would have seen the light of day. That is precisely because, as the Times editorial staff recognizes full well, those same Politically Correct Forces would have been all over them like a wet blanket. The willingness of the pre-eminent Los Angeles Times, having allowed a degrading piece about Italian Americans like this one to be printed at all, is illustrative of today’s all-too-common occurrence, in which debasing depictions of Italian stereotypes appear in varying print media with little or no consequence. Posing a disturbingly bigger challenge is the popular, omnipresent Mafia film that is a surfeit of in today’s theatre fare. Due to the inherent influential power of the film ‘experience’, facilitated by previously unimaginable advances in the technology, Fantasy is convincingly presented as Reality today and more often than not, accepted as truth in the minds of the viewers. (Consider the renderings of Michael Moore) However, that being said, I think the performances and much of the writing in “The Sopranos” was brilliant. Today’s audiences are bombarded with films representing an Italian-American life style today that is pure fantasy. Lifted from life as it existed in the New York of the early 1900′s, the fat Italian mother is seen dutifully preparing sauce in her kitchen, where a conveniently placed piece of crusty Italian bread loaf is available for her mobster son to dip into the sauce upon arriving home. Enter the handsome son who, as we have witnessed in earlier scenes, to be a brutal murderer, is nonetheless, portrayed here as charming, warm and loving with his mother. Such stereotypical representations as these, have been so effectively “burned” into the psyche of American audiences over the years, one is led to be reminded of the artistically executed propaganda film, “Triumph of The Will, ” The Leni Riefenstahl work that had a profound psychological effect in shaping the beliefs and compliance of audiences in the pre-World War II years of Nazi Germany. I used to wonder how it came to be that an ethnic group that contained such successful entertainers, artists, sports figures and business icons as Frank Sinatra, Henry Fonda, Amadeo Gianninni, Lee Iacocca, Tony Bennett, Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert DeNiro, Dean Martin, Al Pacino, Michelangelo, Jimmy Durante, Louie Prima, Henry Mancini, Pavarotti, Joe Dimaggio, Vince Lombardi, Tommy LaSorda, and Rocky Marciano, just to mention a few, could be treated with such a double standard of indifference. Add to this, the fact that the favorite food in America today is Italian while the leading clothing designers and automotive designers are Italian. And how Italian Chocolate has led to Italy replacing Belgium as the “Chocolate Capital of the World” all beg the question of why such a tolerance seems to exist for the continual ridicule and disparagement of Italian-American culture? But I think that I’ve come to an explanation of sorts. Having been born and living my younger years on the east coast, I have an opinion of how this has come about through the experiences of those years. I believe that one of the principal reasons lies with Italian-Americans themselves; or is with the history of their forebearers. When their predecessors came to the United States at the turn of a previous century, they initially came as Sicilians, Genovese, Barese, Venetians, Piemontese and any one of an existing number of independent city-states. The people from those states, thought of themselves and identified themselves as being of the region or city in Italy from whence they came. To them, their village or city was Italy, and though Italy finally was recognized as being a unified country in 1871; internally, because of the differences in the positions held by various factions within the country, the final disposition and determined entity known to the world as the nation of Italy, did not exist technically, until the 1950′s. In previous times to the unification, long after the fall of the Roman Empire, many of these region-states were intensely competitive and often combative enemies with one another. Their disputes would lead to violent wars. As such, the populations of the separate regions held themselves to be citizens of their state or region. Going so far, in fact, that marriage in the Italy of those days only took place between a man and a woman from the same village or region. It also must be understood that many regions of Italy had been invaded and conquered by other nations and so the culture and the loyalties of the citizens in those disparate regions took years to take the shape and reality of a truly unified Italy. Even today, Sicilians often complain that they still are treated as “poor cousin” by the Italian Government. Giving support to my theory, in his book, Ethnic America,1 Thomas Sowell relates that New York city in the 1900′s, contained over 1000 different Italian shelters, each one serving only immigrants from the region represented by that particular shelter. Their cultural behavior, such as Italian women being live-in maids like the Irish, who had preceded them, “would be incompatible with southern Italian views of even the possibility or appearance of sexual laxity,”2 Italian men in the America of 1910 earned less annually than either native white or black males.3 Being smaller in stature than those of other immigrant groups and less strong, is the reason they were paid less. However, with the passage of time and the acclimation to their new nation, the availability of food and the eventual acceptance of intermarriage with other ethnicities led to their developing in line with other immigrant groups. The factors mentioned here, played an important role in Italian immigrants failing to collect in cohesive voting blocks politically. Northern Italians, who preceded the massive groups of southern Italians, openly repudiated them as being “different”. The resulting effect of the “degrees of separation” that divided the early immigrants was a failure to acquire the benefit of being able to reliably deliver an “Italian block vote” and thereby gain all the political benefits and advantages that come with it in the political systems of the USA. That fact can be amply demonstrated by the success of the Irish; particularly in the northeast, and why they are such a presence in city and state governments, Police Departments, Fire Departments and other positions of authority. 1 Thomas Sowell, Ethnic America (Basic Books Inc. 1981) 2 Sowell, Ethic America PG 113 Ethnic America Thomas Sowell (Basic Books 1981)

The Time is Here For All Americans to Learn Spanish

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It is no secret and everyone knows the financial mess the world is in now. There are some that believe that the situation would not be as bad for us had we been learning Spanish and dealing more with our Spanish speaking friends. It is said that we could have avoided and in fact been better prepared if we had done business with Spain. The Spanish language has become very popular and search engines show that specifically student are searching “Spanish” more now than ever before. There are more countries picking up the Spanish language. The area and the countries that use Spanish now are greater than ever. The United States has the fifth largest population that speaks Spanish. Spanish is on the verge of becoming the second most spoken language in the world. The reason some believe we could have done better with the economy is this. The GNP in Spain is greater than it was fifty years ago. Spain has a higher GNP than several countries like India, Canada, and even Russia. It is believed that we have not really made the attempt to take advantage of Spain’s business market. You don’t have to understand the financial markets but you should be aware that while the financial problems have impacted all the countries of the world, the United States and the United Kingdom have been impacted the most. The financial situation has become so important to some companies that they are getting their employees Spanish language training. They want their people to be able to communicate in both languages. Thus companies are now seeking folks that are bilingual. You should find out if your company is offering this service. If not offered by the company, this is still something you should try to do on your own. Learn Spanish today. Please sign up for an online course. Companies are now trying to pick up some of the millions from those Spanish countries. They are talking more to Spain and other counties in Latin America. This has created a bigger market for those folks that are bilingual. So update your status at work by learning Spanish and becoming bilingual. Learn to Speak Confidently, Naturally, and Fluently with your 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course: Learn Spanish Online with the Best Spanish Course Online!

Americans Are More Reasonable Than the Government Gives Them Credit For

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Americans have to wonder as I do, why are these representatives in Washington, continuing to insult the American people? We see the town hall meetings all over the news and don’t see violence until the left wing “Manufactured” groups get involved. You have politicians yelling at their own constituents as if the people work for them. News flash! They work for us. It is a complete hypocrisy for the left wing media as well as the left wing administration to criticize the American people for standing up for what they believe in by exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. The critics continue to bash Americans because of the outrage shown at the town hall meetings by real Americans with real concerns. Does anyone on the left and some on the right understand that the people have been asking these questions all along with no results? Do they understand that by conducting a meeting, and from the start, shut people down, is only fuel the anger? Why don’t they ask the people who they work for, what the concerns are? Why don’t they know the answers to these questions when they are asked? What exactly is in the bill they feel is in dispute, shouldn’t be in dispute, and why? These are simple questions any informed representative would know, without a single thought as to what the answer is. Is this too much for an America citizen to expect from the people they put into their jobs? The questions we hear at the town hall meetings are legitimate concerns any reasonable person would ask about. This brings us back to the argument of representatives not reading the bills brought before them. These kinds of actions by our elected officials are the single reason for this outrage. People are so fed up with the Rhetoric going on in Washington, that the trust is gone and people are beginning to read the bills themselves to find out what is really in them. This is a task we used to trust those we elected to do. That is why we elected them in the first place. If we have to read everything that is brought before our delegates, we wouldn’t need them and we could just put every bill on a ballot, give us time to read it and then vote on it ourselves. Now there’s a concept. Is this where we are as a country? Do we need to go back in time and hear what the Founding Fathers were saying? What the intentions were for our newly formed country? How about just reading, and understanding what our Constitution says and put it back in the public school curriculum as a mandatory credit for graduation. Common sense tells us that this would be the American thing to do. But, we know that Washington DC is no longer run on common sense. It is run on greed and power. If America is to survive for another two hundred and thirty three years, Americans need to continue the peaceful fight that is being displayed and criticized by the left wing media and not fear those that oppose the common sense of the American people. These are the times to stand strong in your convictions and educate yourself on the issues that we all care so much about. If you disagree with someone, but they are true to their views and have a reasonable argument, then I say talk it out, but stand by your own beliefs based on your own research, and when all is said and done, walk away in agreement to at least, disagree. This is a common sense value people in Washington do not have. Some politicians constant insults to the American people will not be tolerated by reasonable American citizens, and what politicians don’t seem to understand or just plain doesn’t get, is that most of the American population is reasonable and does have common sense. Michael Pomper: An American Citizen concerned for the very freedoms we have enjoyed for over 233 years and counting… Related Arab Americans Articles

Is it Safe For Americans to Travel to Iraq Today?

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No one will ever forget where he or she was when first witnessing the image of two planes crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since that tragic day, and the beginning of this war, too many lives have been taken. David Bowie sings it clearly in his song “I’m Afraid of Americans,” saying that his fear cannot be helped, and in the mean time he will not pretend. Other than the distaste of glam rock stars of the 1970s and the French, are Americans safe to travel to foreign lands, such as Iraq? Even with homeland security working over time? The presence of Americans has not been positive. Since U.S. troops first settled in Iraq on March of 2003, and Saddam Hussein no longer in leadership the hopefulness to this war sounds pretty promising. Currently terrorist attacks have been down 40 percent since 2001 and seem to be declining. Although, radical groups like Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah have done plenty of damage in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. And being American, one will most likely be targeted when visiting Iraq. Such a country filled with history and beauty is experiencing the affects of gun shells, explosions and shattered lives. With over 4,000 U.S. causalities in Iraq, a visit to the country does not seem like a wise idea. Journalists covering their assignments on the war in Iraq put their lives at risk. Over 200 men and women in the media have given their lives for coverage of this war. In 2002, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s murder made headlines. Held captive and video tapped, Pearl begging for life, the tragedy of his death shook the hearts of millions. Journalists tend to disregard State warnings of danger, but everyone else should not. When there is a story, determination drives the pen of an eager reporter. Images brought home from the war in Iraq impact citizens here, but they also impact the ones who snapped the photographs. San Diego Union Tribune senior photographer, Nelvin Cepeda has been behind enemy lines in Iraq. The images seen overseas are “too dense for our media outlets,” said Cepeda. “They’re accustom to this, and many have insisted on showing me the dead bodies.” Voluntarily putting ones self in such cross fire is the equivalence of walking blind folded down the freeway; you just do not do it. Soldiers and the media are there to do a job. Those residing in Iraq have no other option. All a person needs to do is switch on his or her television sets, and see what the news is reporting from the front lines. Everyday the number of deaths of American soldiers and civilians increases at a rapid pace. Witnessing such terrible images of warfare first hand is not what one wants stashed in their memory. Where a bulletproof vest is on your packing checklist next to sunscreen is not the ideal for most vacation routes. We are at war with Iraq; a visit to hostile territory is absurd. Rudy Van Lancker is a consultant helping his versatile list of clients with in-depth advice on various topics including travel and Iraq, which he writes about on Iraq Travel for Americans and his personal Travel Blog Inyaka.

Embarrassed Barack Obama Angry Over Americans on Foreign Travel

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Recently, Barack Obama got angry over Americans for embarrassing him as he could not speak foreign languages while traveled abroad and moreover for the reason that we force Europeans to speak English when they come here. It is not easy to understand why he says so. Does he have any political interest or it is quite difficult for him to accept the fact? No matter how humiliating he finds Americans’ monolingual ways, but there are plenty of reasons that it is perfectly alright for Americans not to speak any language other than English. So, we should not feel ashamed for the same. Let us have a look at certain facts. It was England that promoted English as a global language and entire world readily accepted it as that was the only way to better trade and colonization. Adding on to it, our country sailed the rule of laws, tireless work habits, capitalism, ambition, justice, fairness, and an accurate military security against dictatorship to the top of the world. We know that Obama can not say all that in the countries he travel frequently in but it all shows the power of our language and our way of life. Also, our country always had influence in international affairs that proves our role in the global market and superiority. In short, America is a dominant nation in entire world. But Obama seems to have a different viewpoint on it. Recently, at a town hall meeting, Obama said, “I agree that immigrants should learn English but understand this: Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English – they’ll learn English – you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.” “You know, it’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe, and all we can say (is), ‘Merci beaucoup.’” he added. Whatever his opinion is, he should remember that the world has a great respect for our language and will never last. External Websites: american polls, cheap flights. Find More Arab Americans Articles