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Do you find it difficult to type the Arabic words on the internet? Touch typing is the perfect way to type Arabic using an English keyboard. All you need to do is just click the letters on the virtual keyboard or press the corresponding keys on the English keyboard. Well, you can even surf and YouTube using Arabic phrase.

You are eager to find out what all is going on in the Arabic media or you just want to search your favourite Arabic video on YouTube. With just one click of your mouse, you can enter into the some of the popular Arabian sites providing you all the information you want.

All this is not possible until and unless you have a computer system with an Internet connection. Even after fulfilling these two requirements, you still face the problem of accessing the internet. The problem is that you don’t know how to type Arabic words and phrases in the search box using an English keyboard. The problem will not sort out even if you download Arabic font. Since you don’t know which letter in your English keyboard corresponds to the Arabic letter, so it will not help you. Moreover, till the time you will be able to find respective keys for Arabic words on your English keyboard, you won’t be interested in surfing the Arabic websites any more.

If you think that putting stickers on your English keyboard will help you out, you are mistaken in this case. For this, you must know which letter on your keyboard will type the specific word in Arabic language. In case, you know this what-is-what of the Arabic typing then it is better to just download the Arabic font instead of putting stickers.

Touch typing is just the best solution for your problem. There are special websites that provide you with virtual keyboard pictures. These diagrams of keyboards present the Arabic letters that will type on screen when you click. So, in a way you get comfort of not using the hardware. If you have knowledge of Arabic words you can type and surf using the online keyboard and that also with similar effect.

There are even websites that provide you with a facility to even access Google or YouTube using their virtual keyboards. Such websites have the buttons with facility to connect you to the Internet. All you need to do is just type the Arabic phrase you want to search for and click the Google and YouTube buttons on the online keyboard. You will get the results for your search.

You can even use the virtual keyboard so as to practice typing on the English keyboard. For this, you have to put the virtual keyboard on your computer screen for help and type using the English one. There is a facility to transliterate the Arabic keyboard letters thereby making it simpler for people who are not aware of Arabic writing. You just need to practise for a week or more and then see yourself mastering it. However, if you want to type longer texts, it is better to learn typing on the English keyboard as it will definitely help you out. If you want to surf the web for a particular Arabic term, it will be the perfect option to use virtual keyboard websites.

If you want to learn how to write as well as read Arabic, such websites are the perfect medium. Moreover, it is always more effective to learn a language in this way rather than learning it from a book. In fact a virtual keyboard comes with an advantage of access to the Internet that is not provided by other any other medium.

The author of this article is Ahmed Ismail, the CEO of It is a virtual Arabic keyboard that enables one to write in Arabic language along with an access to Google and YouTube.

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