Sound & Light Show In Egypt
Sound & Light Show In Egypt

Sound & Light Show In Egypt

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Have you ever wondered how life was thousands of years ago? This question and others similar thoughts inspired creators to accompany you for a short while to the past, by introducing the sound and light show. It is a magnificent show that brings creatively to life the rule of ancient Egyptians. The artists skillfully created a show to present images of all historical eras. For an hour, you enjoy the sound and light show near the pyramids and the Sphinx. The history is re-told by the Sphinx, telling you the most ancient secrets of the world. In the 21st century, you go back in time thousands of years ago to see how they were built and survived! The show manages to convey the great humane spirit and creativity behind their creation. There you will find the pyramid of Khufu, the Immortal and Sky Grabber, close to its some alters, where the wood-made boats of Khufu are placed, which KING Khufu would use to sail on his journey to immortality. Also, you will find the pyramid built by Khufus son Khafre, who made his own smaller and shorter than his father’s pyramid; we can see Khafre’s face, engraved on a sheet of green diorite stone, so lively as if the artist just finished it. Then, last but not least the pyramid of Menkaure, who was like his father modest and decent enough to make his pyramid smaller than the other two. In one hour, the show would narrate the history of those great kings, their secrets, legends and secrets of ancient history. Every visit to the pyramids and the sound and light shows is magnificent experience. We did not know how the great pyramids were built, the Sphinx may remain a mystery, one of the wonders of the ancient world. We visit the pyramids at the twenty-century, thousands of years after their construction and many years to come, and still they vanquish us with their size and the great human spirit behind them. Pyramid of Khufu, known as the great Pyramid, was built on flat land of 230 square meters and 146.5 meters high when construction was completed about 2000 years BC. The Pyramid is unusual when compared with other pyramids and the other; the king’s burial chamber is not below the surface or at the surface of the earth. This pyramid is composed of about 2.3 million block of stone with an average weight of 2.5 tons each. The most widely accepted idea for the establishment of that pyramids was it was built by teams of slaves over 30 years and under the gaze of the Pharaohs vigilance. The Great Pyramid is also an example of the changes in the design of burial chambers to include other facilities. The pyramid and other structures together form the pyramid complex; all of the three pyramids on the Giza hill adopt the same design. On the eastern face of the pyramid, the temple was built as the center location foe the king’s funeral team. This temple was linked via a paved road from the Nile valley, a temple, which has served as an input to a large pyramid complex as a whole, and near the southern face of the pyramid, there is a small Satellite pyramid to the Dynasty of the king and queens. And near the southern side there is a dismantled boat, built of cedar wood and a length of about 44 meters and King, who served transitions to other life after death.In one hour, the show would narrate the history of those great kings, their secrets, legends and secrets of ancient history. There are about 70 other small pyramids, deployed in all parts of Egypt, but the Great Pyramid at Giza is the most famous. About 100000 of the slaves devoted their lives and blood in moving and placing of the giant stones, weighing 3 tons each. Khafre, Son of Khufu, built his pyramid at Giza, next to the pyramid of Khufu, but at a higher level, giving a false impression that both the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre have the same height. In fact, the pyramid of Khafre is shorter by about three meters. Design, measurements and building materials are different from those used in the pyramid of Cheops, which shows more progress in building techniques. There is a clear difference between the Khafre pyramid complex and the others, which is the presence of a large statue of a guard to the north of the valley temple. The statue of the lion and the body of the human head is popularly known as giant Sphinx. The name of the Sphinx is a term Latino (Grecian) means the picture of life in the ancient world. Khafre’s son built the last pyramid on the hill of Giza, smallest as it was, it has been built of granite; more expensive and elegant than limestone is. Pyramids are not the source of attraction for modern tourists only but they have been a source of attraction and a favorite subject to visitors to Egypt for thousands of years. The historian Herodotus visited them, and Antonio, Cleopatra’s lover climbed them. At the birth of Christ, they have been 2500 years old. The French emperor Napoleon did more than just a visit, as he actually slept inside them. Since the ancient times, pyramids enchanted and charmed their visitors. Who are the men who have built these great monuments?! How did the ancient build such perfect monuments?!. Scholars and archaeologists in modern times has found it very difficult to agree on a number of theories about the ancient world. No one can argue about their size that make every human being feel small when standing at the foot of the pyramids, which remained tallest buildings in the world until modern times. About 4600 years ago, the pyramids were a state project to build a burial for kings and then the first giant stone was placed on Giza Plateau. The pyramid is the largest building in all parts of Egypt, and the only surviving of the ancient Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Khufu built the Great Pyramid, which was not only the first pyramid in Egypt, but it was the height of perfection in design and construction. We do not know much about the reign of Khufu, and for this reason, he may be judged primarily by the pyramid; whether he was a decent ruler or a cruel tyrant! We may never know for sure

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