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Internet has come with many features to us. Browsing sites, interacting with people are gifts of internet to all of us. Chat applications are the way to do interactions with people world widely.

Oovoo:- Oovoo is a free chat application which you can download online. Free video chatting upto 12 people at same time is special feature of oovoo. You can see all your friends in chat with video in a group call. Simply share your faces, acts, activities, messages in easy way with friends over oovoo.It has advanced support for all gadgets which is trending over current market. You can connect with other network people as well over this app. Connecting with Facebook is very smart with it. IMVU:- IMVU is a free software to chat in 3D environment. You want something new for doing fun chat? Then IMVU is perfect for you. You can download this software free of cost from its main site imvu .com. After installation you can have chat experience of a virtual world. In this virtual world you can chat with friends, send them kiss, hug them, You can behave in this virtual world as you do offline. There are many virtual places over IMVU to meet with friends. You can go to a pub, restaurant, cinema hall, beach side etc. virtual places to meet & be social with other people. Paltalk:- Paltalk is a free video chat messenger. Simply download it & start using immediately. Although its free version having some restrictions in doing video chat but paid versions are very cool to do chat in a smarter way. It is having different kind of video chat experience than any other IM available over internet to do chat.  There are many chat rooms available over paltalk to do chat. Many people are waiting worldwide for your to do fun chat over paltalk. SecondLife:- It is based on very similar concept of IMVU having.  It also provide 3D chat environment for chatting & making friends or other relations. Second life is like feeling another life in a virtual space visiting places, meeting people, making relations. 3D technology is very advanced to do some virtual fun. Facebook Chat messenger:- Great social networking community Facebook has made available applications for Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones to do chat directly through the applications. I have installed Facebook chat messenger in my desktop. Any friend of my network can send me messages easily & I can reply them in easy way without visiting facebook page. It saves a lot time to be with community very fastly. Skype:- Well there are many chat applications available after Skype has come to internet . But no application till date could take place of this smart chat application. Skype has very good Video, voice calling & many features enabled for chat environment worldwidely.

These Chat applications will surely make your chat experience more funful & advanced. Having chat applications installed on your devices is requirement of time.  After the social networking boom it is required to have such advanced connectivity options over latest devices.

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