Six Tips For A Leisurely Trip Through Morocco

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Going around Morocco and having fun is not a problem. If you’re looking for lasting memories, there are many ways to discover all that Morocco has to offer. Read on to learn how you can travel in Morocco.

You can rent a car or use a private car service

A common way to get around Morocco is to rent a car with a driver. It is also recommended that you find a private car to rent or find your own driver who knows about the different sights and events in Morocco and the Moroccan traditions and culture. Make sure the driver you choose is trustworthy and knows about the places you wish to visit. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Morocco like Tangier properties, you should travel around to experience all the country has to offer.

Take a Petit or Grande taxi

Morocco has lots of taxis that will take you wherever you’d like to go in town. The Petit taxis are color coded according to areas. They are an expedient way to move around within the city.
The taxis contain meters, charging based on distance. If you’re planning on taking a longer trip, consider the Grande taxis, which are larger and can accommodate up to six passengers. Bus stops normally have Grande taxis hovering near by. Grande taxi requires that six seats be occupied before any trips can begin. You can pay for the other taxi seats yourself if you’re in a rush to leave fare is per passenger instead of being metered.

Ride the bus

If you don’t want to spend much, you can also travel around Morocco by bus. Buses have their set routes, so make sure you know exactly where you need to stop. Many people have been robbed while riding the bus, so if you choose this option, do so with caution.

For optimum relaxation, hop on the train

Taking the train is one of the best ways to go to some places in Morocco. These trains are quick, inexpensive, comfortable and clean as well. You can also get a first-class spot without a reservation. Opportunities are endless when you come to know about Moroccan people and culture by interacting with them. Casablanca-Marrakech, Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport, Uojuda-Fes-Meknes-Kenitra and Tangier-Kenitra-Rabat-Casablanca are routes that are considered to be included here. There are also night trains in Morocco that depart daily at 9 in the evening.

Ride a bike

One thing you should be sure to do in Morocco is take a bike ride through its county roads. Not only will you experience adventure at its best, but you will also discover another face Morocco has to offer. Several companies host their own bike tours, adding even more to the experience. In late spring and early fall, biking in the Sahara desert is an experience. In the summer and fall, try Chefchaouen.

Enjoy the water by taking a ferry

You may also want to smell the Moroccan breeze and take the ferries. There are ports at Tangier, Cueta, and Melilla for arrivals and departures. Separate from in country travel, it is also possible to reach Morroco from many countries by ferry. You can get to Morocco by ferry from European countries, such as Spain, France or Italy.

You can seek out alternative and even exciting ways to travel within Morocco. Ride a hot-air balloon for beautiful panoramas of Morocco that are impossible to see on land; you can also go parasailing or ride a camel in the Sahara.

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