Samsung Chat 322 : Get into chatting with the tap of your finger

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Samsung mobile phones are there with a handset purely dedicated to the purpose of chatting. From time to time some of the best suited devices for some specific purposes have been getting launched into the market. Samsung has always been one of the front runners in this regard. So, the latest one is here to fulfil the demand of the people who want to chat a lot. The handset is better termed as Samsung Chat 322.

Its the first handset to sport a QWERTY keypad with DUOS. Its the best option for the people who travel a lot and for the people who text at much higher rate rate as well. Its a dual SIM handset with which help you can get in touch with two SIM cards of different networks. It is a quite better idea to getting into touch with he two SIM cards. There are so many benefits of it as you can avail services from two different networks. You can take advantage of different tariff plans which are available with these networks.

There are some very adorable features for the chat option in the form of e-mail, different social networking sites and instant messaging. QWERTY keypad makes it easier for the people who love to chat a lot. Typing messages are quite faster and speedier on the handset with the help of QWERTY keypad. You can always be in contact with the people who are very near and dear ones and even business partners.

You can get connected with two SIM cards as the handset support dual SIM facility. It helps you to make one handset as powerful as two handsets. Network is never an issue on the handset as it supports a great power to catch networks. So, you need not worry much while travelling to different places. Taking advantage of calling cards are available on the handset only due to DUOS feature. It changes automatically between different SIM cards.

Remaining linked is an important task – for business and pleasure! That’s why this phone comes with approach to your favourite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can even chat with instant messenger. With shortcuts and live updrafts from the main screen, you’ll always remain socially updated. Emailing is quite an easier task as there are so many features available. You can click pictures with the camera capacity of 1.3 mega pixel. Bluetooth v2.1 is something that transfers data in much efficient manner. USB 2.0 adds to the efficiency of bluetooth in transferring data.

There are so many Samsung Chat 322 Deals available with the handset which make the handset a cheaper and affordable one. Almost all the networks in the UK market are providing you these deals.

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