Samsung Chat 322 A Fine Smartphone That Is Much More Than Chatting Device!

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While talking about the Samsung Chat 322, we had used the adjective interesting to describe it. This is because the Samsung Chat 322 indeed is a curious mix of higher end and budget phone features. And is selling for next to nothing prices in the mobile phone market place here. It is undoubtedly one fine smartphone that has all it takes to satisfy the smartphone features of most users and still can very well pass of a medium segment smartphone device. If not a budget phone device.. This has proved to be advantageous to Samsung, as it has enable it to attract both kinds of customers to it. The higher end buyer as well as those who simply want a very basic phone handset and that too at low prices. The vast numbers of Samsung Chat 322 deals have ensured this.

The Samsung Chat 322 is basically designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of those mobile phone users who are heavily into texting. Not surprisingly, the Samsung Chat 322 handset has attracted a good number of customer ever since its official launch here in November, 2010. Expectedly, one key feature of this particular smartphone device from the South Korean mobile phone major is its full QWERTY keyboard that ensures very easy and efficient typing for you, the user.

Other features include the provision of an expandable memory space of up to 8 GB through the use of the microSD card. Otherwise, the on board internal memory space is only 54 MB. FM radio and a basic music player are also very much there catering to your entertainment needs. The camera device that this smarty carries is also no push over as it is a reasonable 1.3 mega pixel snapper that does obtain for you the though not very high but equally impressive 1280 x 960 pixels resolution.The several Samsung Chat 322 Deals mean plenty of Samsung Chat 322 contracts, SIM free deals and a few pay as you go mobile phone deals.

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