Relax in the Embalming Paradise with Oman Holiday Packages

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The city of Oman is simply an astounding paradisiacal city which is enjoyed by travellers from around the world. One can sense the vibration of having an ideal, sumptuous and lovely vacation break. Oman the revelation city is said to be sited at the heart of southwest Asia. Embark a hedonistic journey exploring this heady and pulsating. Spend wonderful time traveling and viewing new panoramas and a totally different flavour and style of this sprawling city. Board the flights to this enticing city which hosts a beautiful aromatic ambiance pleasuring the heart, mind and soul of a traveller the moment they enters the city. 

Muscat: With Oman Holiday Packages get a chance to visit this enticing city and then to Muscat. The Muttrah Souq occupies a large area behind the Corniche of Muttrah. This place is ideal to soak up the atmosphere and pick up some exotic frankincense or jewelry. One is advised not to buy anything without the haggling.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:  The Grand Mosque is an astounding architectural marvel which is open to the public. This mosque covers the space for 6,500 worshippers in the main prayer hall and 750 female believers in the women’s musalla. It also has the world’s largest Persian carpet. Take a spiritual sojourn through the mosque taking your Oman Holidays to a next level.

Museums: Many vacation planners who are fond of ancient artifacts can book with Cheap Oman Holidays and head to the various museums in this city. The Bait Al Zubair showcases many artifacts related to handicrafts, jewelry and weapons. Visit the museum’s grounds to sight the model of a traditional mountain village and Omani fishing boats. One of the most popular museums among the travellers is the Muscat Gate House Museum which occupies a fortress-like building and displays artifacts from Neolithic times to the present.

Sur: The area of Sur is a traditional dhows which is still being built by hand. This astounding town makes a good base for exploring the region, including the turtle-nesting beaches of Ras al-Jinz and Ras al-Hadd

Camel racing: Another exhilarating sport which is enjoyed by Oman Holiday Package takers is the fascinating Camel Racing; it is another must-see in Oman. The races are generally held on holidays such as National Day. Trekking and mountain climbing are also considered as a popular activity opted by travellers as the city boasts of rugged mountains, cliffs, valleys and wadis.

Scuba diving: Scuba diving is one of Oman most enjoyed activities and can be savored at the coastline which sprawls across more than 994 miles and blessed with abundance of sea life.

Bull fighting:  Bull fighting in Omani-style is very different to the Spanish version. Travelers from near and far take Cheap Oman Holidays to enjoy sighting the bull fights in the city which a favourite pass time of the locals. In the bull fights the two Brahmin bulls square up to each other and “fight” until one is defeated which is usuallyconsidered as to knocked to the ground or if ones runs away. There are fights on Friday afternoons in winter in Seeb, Barka, Sawadi, and Sohar along the Batinah coast in the north of the country.


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