Quick Facts on Shipping to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Glasgow
Quick Facts on Shipping to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Glasgow

Quick Facts on Shipping to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Glasgow

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International shipping is not something which has to be discussed on theoretical basis. In fact, it is a practical activity with international character that is affected by market forces, socio economic factors and moreover by size and weight of container. The cost of shipping is also based on the country to which household goods or commercial cargo is transferred. The cost of international cargo and freight shipping is affected by the trade rules and regulations as well as the customs policies practiced. Therefore, it becomes evident that you have better idea about the type of services offered by international cargo and freight shipping company.

Let’s take quick look at the important facts required for shipping to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, and Glasgow respectively.

Shipping to Glasgow

Shipping to Glasgow requires that the cargo and freight company should have clear understanding customs policies and international trade policies being practiced. Glasgow is amongst the busiest sea ports, and it is also the one of the advanced shipping ports used by commercial vessels that embarks at its port. Unloading of goods and commercial cargo can only take place if the customer or import/export company has updated details on the terms and conditions followed by Glasgow customs office. You should have to ensure that all your goods or commercial cargo adhere to the norms as written under Glasgow trade policies.

Shipping to Iran

Iran also has the busiest international sea port which is loaded with commercial as well as household goods all through the season. The prominent international sea ports in Iran include Brigand, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, and Teheran, and all of them are equipped with advanced loading and unloading cranes. All international sea ports in Iran offer port to door transfer services which ensure easy transfer of goods to the desired land destination. Check with the international cargo and freight shipping company on whether it has the experience in offering commercial cargo transfer to Iran taking into consideration safety and security.

Shipping to Egypt

While shipping to Egypt you need to have original passport, original work permit, customs bond, Letter of Guarantee, or Power of Attorney, Residence Visa, Detailed Inventory of goods, key for Locked Items etc. Prohibited items such as pornographic material, drugs and medicine , firearms and weapons, ammunition, daggers and swords, anti-Islamic religious materials, Cordless telephones, resolution color printers or photocopiers are not allowed. Autos are allowed, but they are highly taxed and regulated. You need to show customs officials the purchase invoice as autos which are over three years old are not allowed.

Shipping to Jordan

When shipping to Jordan, all shipments are inspected in detail as well as the household goods are also subject to high customs duty, depending on whether they are new or old. The shipment should arrive within period of six months of arrival of the customer.

For details on shipping to Saudi Arabia and Shipping to Kuwait, you can always hire the services of international cargo and freight shipping company in your country. Choosing experienced cargo and freight shipping company would make the transfer of household cargo easy.

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