Popularity For Surfing In Morocco Set To Grow

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The 2011 European Surfing Championships will be held in Ireland this year between 23 September and 2 October. It is thought that competitors will arrive from all over Europe and will be joined by a team from Morocco.
Surfing in Morocco is on the rise with many coastal resorts offering excellent conditions for beginners, intermediates and experts.

More Investment Attracts Visitors
The increased investment in tourism in Morocco over the past few years has seen a rise in the numbers of visitors heading to the African country. It is only a few miles from the coast line of Spain, which is why so many people have decided to make the most of this tourism investment.

Many of the major cities are appealing for their cultural offering but a lot people, in pursuit of the real Morocco, are finding resorts like Essaouira in the north a place not to miss. It is here that the surfing scene is most vibrant in the country.

A Perfect Atmosphere for Surfing in Morocco
The offering of a traditional, small town with an abundance of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing options gives many holidaymakers the chance to experience both sides of Moroccos culture.

The town itself is quiet with local shops matching the atmosphere of the traditional riads Moroccan style hostels. Things are generally laid back, which suits the surfer lifestyle immensely.

It is this culture that has made the area such a popular place for surfers. Well, that and the excellent choice of beaches in close proximity.

Plenty of Beaches for Surfing in Morocco
There are roughly six different beaches that offer suitable conditions for surfing, each ideal for different levels of ability. The large beach in Essaouira itself is ideal for all levels of ability, which is why you are likely to find a colourful montage of boards and sails weaving across the waves.

These can be viewed from the comfort of the bars and cafes that cluster around the beachfront. The atmosphere found in these places is second to none for keen surfers. For beginners, it is the kind of infectious atmosphere that could entice you to spend more time mastering the waves each year.

With such a strong culture, surfing in Morocco is on the up and an appearance at this years European Surfing Championships is likely to increase this popularity, especially if they come away with the trophy.

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