Philippine ladies in Saudi Arabia – Are They Sociable?

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There are hundreds of Philippine ladies in Saudi Arabia.  They can be overseas Filipino Workers or immigrants and or descendants of Filipinos who are living in Saudi Arabia. As you know, there are huge job opportunities that arise in Saudi Arabia. That could be the beginning of these Filipino settlers. As of today, Saudi Arabia has the largest population of Filipinos in the Middle East. In fact, the Filipino workers are already the fourth largest foreign group in that particular country. Based on records, the second-largest remittance source in the Philippines are those Overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia.

Philippine ladies in Saudi Arabia are mostly employed in the health sector as nurses or medical physicians. You can also find Filipinas in private sectors employed in the field of telecommunications and certain sectors as well. Filipinas are modest and reserved because of how they are mostly brought up by their parents but once you get to know them they start to really open up in a good way. Filipino’s have a culture of being very close-knit. It is evident with their yearly celebrations like fiestas and other religious celebrations that go with it throughout the year.

Filipina women who are now living in Saudi Arabia or in any part of the world always learn to look back to their humble beginnings. The advantage to this is that they learn to respect and be polite with other people. You would get feedbacks from tourists that Filipinos are very hospitable. They are very fluent in the English language which conveniently breaks down the language barrier. They tend to gather with fellow countrymen wherever they may be and find time to really meet in bars and other social gatherings. This makes them very sociable in the truest sense of the word. Celebrations are an important part of their lifestyle because it marks victory over difficulty and as a reward to oneself for a job well done in relations to work or any particular accomplishment.

When it comes to dating they unconsciously revert to the dating culture of the Philippines despite western influences. It happens like a second nature kind of thing for women from the Philippines or anywhere else. It is the intention of every Filipina to have a happy and united family so they play hard to get when being dated to find out if their suitor’s intentions and motives are true and pure. Once they determine that it is indeed for love and affection then there is no stopping them from loving you back wholeheartedly. They can be intensely loyal and faithful to their spouse which makes Philippine ladies in Saudi Arabia a very good wife material.

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