New Firefox interface to speed up Firefox on Android

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According to Lebanon news report, Mozilla is planning to redesign its Firefox interface to speed up Firefox on Android. The company recently has declared it that they are planning to give Firefox app a look which however will use Android’s native user interface widgets to run faster on Android hand sets.
For those who don’t know – Mozilla Firefox is the well known web browser that implements most current web standards and features several flexibilities that in addition can help a user to browse the web content more convenient way. Along with the PC, Mozilla Firefox has been serving out many users in mobile hand sets and even tablets too making browsing experience more suitable and enjoyable. Thus, to make Firefox even more faster and supportive Mozilla has decided to build a new Firefox UI which will use native code instead of the XML-based language that Mozilla was using in browser making for mobile phones.
Lebanese news also says Firefox on Android is a critical part of supporting the open web, so this decision puts a position to build the best Firefox possible on Android phones. Well, according to this news report the interface change will bring so many changes in Android sets such as – it will be more faster while starting-up and will take less memory and will be smoother zooming etc. So friend if you are using Android sets then a good news is that Mozilla Firefox is going to be faster than ever as this is going to use native codes to increase the performance values in Android Phones.

As said earlier the Firefox is widely being used on personal computers since years and its new support to mobile phone and tablets will surely please users soon. According Lebanon news report this enhancement will somehow will be available within months. So friend this is the news report about Mozilla Firefox which will become more faster on Android sets. If you are wondering to know more information regarding this news report then head on to to have details knowledge about Mozilla Firefox support on Android phones. For your kind information – Mozilla Firefox is the web browser application which is built on Android phones to support users to enjoy browsing. So if you are an Android user who has not used Mozilla Firefox before then try using this application to feel difference browsing experience. And also remember to have the new Firefox update to avail browsing experience even faster. Well, stay in touch with Lebanese news report to know further information regarding Mozilla Firefox on Android.

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