Morocco Riad Holidays to Explore Beautiful and Real Morocco

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A visit to Morocco would let you come across a varied range of accommodation facilities in the form of riads, hotels, villas, apartments and so on. No doubt, everyone is quite familiar with other types of accommodations except riads as this type of accommodation is only prevalent in Morocco.

Literally, the term “riad” is originated from the Arabic word for garden and as a result the riad life is associated with a courtyard that allows light and air to pass in to illuminate and enliven the surrounding. However, the interior of the riad is protected from the harsh glare of the sun and natural perils. Vacationers from all walks of life want to avail this unique accommodation choice when they would visit Morocco. Tour operators on the other hand have included Morocco riad holidays while designing tour packages to entice tourists significantly.

Architecturally reflecting the rich Islamic principles of modesty and humility, the riad appears simple from the outside even though the interior portrays the architectural brilliance with regard to design and position of household artifacts. The interesting fact of the riad is that the guest can find both water and greenery precious in a land dominated by desert. Featured with ornate latticework shutters, known as mashrabiya, and open-air seating areas—or bhous, visitors can feel heaven-like ambience on their Morocco riad holidays.

The riad’s social life revolves around the patio, a set of sophisticatedly designed, inter-connecting salons that endeavour to give perfect meeting points served with a cooling glass of mint tea and a cinnamon briouate.

Tourists can find Morocco riad holidays exceptional as the riad is quite compatible with the Moroccan climate. This type of accommodation is designed to absorb and evaporate moisture, with a cooling central courtyard and sunny roof terrace.

All in all, riads are reflection of beautiful and authentic Morocco blended with pastoral and urban life. So, if you’re planning to visit Morocco on your next holiday, it is recommended to avail Morocco riad holiday package to let you choose a riad as your accommodation in order to make the most of your stay. You can find a wide range of riads promising to offer services and ambiences at par with the international standard to make your tour memorable and thrilling.

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