Meeting America: All-American Muslims in Michigan

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Meeting America: All-American Muslims in Michigan
NBC News' Kevin Tibbles visits Dearborn, Michigan, where Muslims make up a fast-growing portion of the population. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. MAKE UP MORE THAN A THIRD OF THE POPULATION. IT'S THIS WEEK'S "MEETING AMERICA." >> Reporter: …

As Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Islam grows in Brevard
"It wouldn't surprise me, because religious diversity has been growing in the U.S. for a long time," said Ken Wald, a political science professor at the University of Florida. Wald points out that Muslims in America are themselves a diverse group made …
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American Muslim Agenda: A New Beginning for Muslim Americans This July 4
The World Muslim Congress, a 12-year-old think tank, has worked on presenting an "initial agenda" for Muslims in America based on Quran and Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) guidance. We hope this will spur debates, followed by discussions and emergence …
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