Medical Tourism in Mexico, a Rising Trend among North Americans

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For people who cannot afford medical care in the USA, getting treated in a hospital in Mexico is an affordable alternative. From general surgery to cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, weight loss programs or any other medical care, Mexico hospitals are the most popular places catering to US medical tourists. Mexican doctors are first rate physicians. Every Mexico hospital is well fitted with the latest diagnostic equipment and patients can expect the best care at half the price of medical care in the US. Mexico is a country of natural abundance. Its vast coastline, mountains, rain forests, fertile plains and desert makes Mexico an important destination for medical care and wellness programs.

Hospitals in the large cities of Mexico employ highly trained and experienced physicians, doctors and surgeons. These hospitals are accredited for providing treatments in the fields of orthopedics, cancer, obesity surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgeries and stem cell technology. You can find high tech state-of-the-art medical facilities in Mexico hospitals. This country has long been known for its tourist destination. North Americans take advantage of their neighbor’s tourism opportunities and their affordable medical care facilities. Many Americans take a holiday visiting Mexico’s natural tourist sites to relax and recuperate after medical treatment in Mexico’s famous hospitals.

With the end of recession, there was a surge in Mexico medical tourism.  There are hundreds of pharmacies near the Mexico-US border and medicines and drugs could be bought at much cheaper rates. The same goes with angioplasty. In Mexico it would cost one-tenth of what you pay in the US. The reason why medical care is cheaper in Mexico is due to the fact that nurses and para-medical staff here make one-sixth of what the medical staff in the US make. Another reason is that malpractice rates are also low. Medical tourism in Mexico is rapidly growing as more and more people learn about the quality, cost savings and convenience of healthcare in Mexico. Many people are now opting for medical tourism. The procedures and protocols for stem cell treatments and oncology treatments are the best you can get anywhere in the world.

To summarize medical tourism in Mexico, millions of North Americans travel across the border to Mexico every year for medical health care and services. What makes Mexico an ideal location is that there is no waiting time/ Procedures and pharmaceuticals cost from 50-75% less than what is charged in the US and Canada. For its low costs, the quality of health care is not substandard.

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