Live chat Agents Vs Automated chat system

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Business world is developing rapidly and a fierce competition is taking place between the companies to maintain their top most position in the business arena. New technologies are emerging day-by-day, which helps to improve the performance of the business. To ride on the driver’s seat one must know to incorporate the old techniques along with the new emerging techniques. Just developing a website according to the product and increasing the traffic using marketing strategies would increase the customers to the website, but retaining the customers is more important to develop the business in an efficient way. live chat agents are required to establish a user friendly environment in the business. Understanding the customer needs and meeting all their expectations is the key to reap success in the business.

When a new product is launched, customers will have several doubts regarding the product. During this kind of situations, interaction with the customers is very important to retain the potential customers and to gain more customers. Interaction with the customers should be available all the times to maintain the customers because “gaining customers is very difficult than losing them”. To maintain regular communication with customers, you need either live chat agents or automated chat system. For example, if a visitor is visiting your website that deals with retailing electronic goods. A live chat agent will start a chat with the visitor that would help the visitor to know more about all the products that are available in the website without wasting more time in searching for all the products. Moreover, an expert live chat agent will inform the visitor about the latest offers, products quality and would ultimately transform a visitor into a regular customer.

However, there exists a difficulty in choosing the chat agents because both live chat agents and automated chat system are similar in the performance. Still, live chat agents would have an upper hand when it comes to reliable and flexible performance.

Few important advantages of live chat agents over automated chat system are listed below:

- Reliable:

Automated chat systems are prone to breakdown and malfunction. These problems would be frustrating, time consuming and inconvenient to the customers. Ultimately it would reduce the number of customers visiting your website. However, all these problems are not encountered while using Live chat agents.

- Flexible:

Live chat agents are very flexible because trained agents would be capable of handling most of the problems of the customers. In the other hand, automated chat system would provide only limited information.

- Less expensive:

Live chat agents are less expensive when compared with the automated chat system which needs regular checking, maintenance and updates.

- High success ratio:

Live chat agents would provide more success ratio by transforming a visitor into a regular customer.

- Adaptable:

They are adaptable to the changing world and do not require regular updating.

- Robust:

They are very easy to handle while comparing automated chat system which should be handled with care.

All these advantages make the live chat agents as one of the better ones for business, when compared with automated chat system.


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