Lebanon – A Land Of Relaxing Shorelines And Gorgeous Mountain Ranges

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If history is something you are passionate about, consider visiting the country of Lebanon. Lebanon’s history is long and full of different phases, occupations, and periods of tumult, making it the interesting country that it is today. Lebanon is actually home to some of the oldest populated cities in the entire world: Byblos, Beirut, and Sidon. However, there is more to Lebanon than just history. Lebanon is actually a world-class party destination, with celebrities making their way to the biggest cities to party, and it was declared the number one tourist destination in 2009. However, if you’re thinking of traveling, either for the history or the parties, remember that you will need an United States passport id card.

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Lebanon is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and shares a long border with Syria. Because of this location, much of its history is Roman. There are seemingly countless Roman ruins around the country, and most of them are surprisingly easy to get to. One of the most famous Roman sites in the world, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Baalbek. This is an ancient city, featuring some of the biggest and best preserved Roman temples in the world. Considered a wonder of the ancient world, Baalbek is a place full of testaments to Roman history. There are many temples, including the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Bacchus, and each retaining much of their original form and decoration. These huge temples rose around 70 feet high.

The Qadisha Valley and the nearby Cedars of God form yet another World Heritage Site. Qadisha translates into “holy,” as this valley features some of the most ancient Christian monasteries in the world. The Cedars are the remnants of an ancient forest, full of the oldest trees in the world, some of which are still living at 3000 years old. The wood from these trees were one of the most highly valued building materials in ancient times, used by Solomon to construct the First Temple of Jerusalem, as well as by Egyptians to build boats. There are many, many caves located in this valley which were used in ancient times as shelters for those fleeing persecution. Recently, mummies of ancient villagers dating back to 1283 AD were found.

Tyre is an ancient city, founded in 2750 BC, that is still inhabited today. It is known in Classical Roman Mythology as being the birthplace of Dido and Europa, two significant figures in mythology. Al Mina is an archaeological site where much of the original Roman architecture still stands. Standing at the ruins and looking over the Mediterranean Sea really transports you back to the time of the Romans.

The nightlife of Lebanon, particularly in areas like Greater Beirut, is regarded as some of the best around. There are clubs in the city that are open past dawn, with people still partying. There are even some clubs and bars located on the tops of the highest buildings, and the beaches are a popular place to party as well.

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