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Having trouble hearing? This global group helps deaf Muslims embrace their faith
But the 38-year old Ghanaian-born Virginian, who has been deaf since contracting meningitis at the age of 10, also made a promise to other young Ghanaians before moving to America at age 19 that he would establish an organization for deaf Muslims.
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Religious Influence on America's Identity
Americans know little to nothing about Islam. Few non-Muslims have read the Qur'an or the Hadith. If they had, they would know Islam is neither peaceful nor a religion as the West defines either of these terms. The Qur'an, unlike the Bible, was written …
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ISIS recruiting children to kill Christians, Shiite Muslims [VIDEO]
the interviewer asked. "To fight the Russians… America. The infidels," he answered. "Those under 15 go to Sharia camp to learn about their creed and religion," Islamic State Press Officer Abu Mosa explained. "Those over 16, they can attend the …
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American Muslims evolving with the times
The shift comes as young American Muslims work to reshape the faith they grew up with so it fits better with their complex, dual identity, with one foot in the world of their parents' immigrant beliefs and one foot in the ever-shifting cultural …
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