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Jordan, located on the East Bank of the River Jordan, borders Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel. The country offers a mix of history, culture and stunning natural surroundings in a climate that is mostly hospitable all year. Many cities in Jordan provide something for just about every interest. Much of the Middle East is steeped in history and culture dating back to the beginning of civilization. Here’s a closer look at what Jordan tours offer visitors in some of the country’s cities.


• Royal Automobile Museum – This museum is known for its private collection of cars and motorbikes that previously belonged to the Late King Hussein of Jordan. Many of the finest cars and motorbikes in the world can be found on display here ranging from old style Cadillacs to stylish Lamborghinis.

• The Citadel – A highlight of most Jordan tours are a closeup look at local archaeological landmarks like this one. The Citadel features remnants of many ancient cultures native to the region including the hills of Amman and ancient Roman ruins.

• Zara Spa – This little getaway is the ultimate relaxation destination. Nestled in a low-humidity desert climate, this spa has all the benefits you would expect from a luxury spa. The Dead Sea pools include waters filled with special minerals native to the area.

Petra/Wadi Musa

• Ancient ruins – Petra, the ancient capital city of the Nabataean people, is considered one of the New Seven Wonder of the World. Jordan tours of the ruins and archaeological sites provide a sense of the history of the area surrounded by the natural beauty of the region.

• Hiking trails – A narrow gorge is bordered by cliffs over 300 feet high at the entrance to into Petra. Many areas around here have walking and hiking trails.

• Monastery (Al Dayr) – The largest monument in Petra, this monastery dates back centuries and encompasses the culture and tradition of the area. Regular tours are offered.

• Shobak Castle – Believe it or not, Jordan tours do include some castles such as this one. The impressive structure is positioned on a high hill overlooking the picturesque countryside of Jordan.


• Scuba Diving – The waters off Jordan are a thing of beauty. Diving trips take visitors into the Red Sea area where visitors can go scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. Professional diving tours are offered with an experienced guide taking visitors to the best local spots.

• Boat tours – Professional boat tours include big, comfortable boats where delicious homemade food is usually served to passengers. Those on the adventurous side can rent their own boat and take a tour at their own pace.

Jordan tours take visitors to many of the charming places found in the country. Some of these gems include hiking trails, museums, Roman ruins and even a castle or two. Don’t forget to sample delicious local food, savoury wine and local culture in the form of regional festivals and celebrations.



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