Jeddah ? The Other Face of the Arab World

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When you hear the name of the place called Jeddah, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is religious extremism, turban clad old men and women covered from head to toe. You would be surprised to know that Jeddah is everything but this image. Jeddah is like any other metropolitan city filled with energy and colors. Effervescent markets and buzzing nightlife is as common in Jeddah as in any other city in the world. In fact Jeddah is considered as one of the most favored shopping destinations in the world, second only to Dubai, another Arab city. Every year millions of people catch flights to Jeddah to clear their doubts about the city and experience a culture that is as friendly as any other culture can get.

Saudi Arabian people are open minded and friendly. Yes they are not the same as you have perceived them to be. They are normal human beings who like to have fun and live a peaceful life. The one thing from Jeddah that is definitely better than the people there is the food. You would love to kill someone for a plate of Kabsa or Nejdi, two of the most popular dishes in Jeddah. The most popular cuisine in Jeddah is Hijazi. Albeit you would get many international restaurants there, almost every major chain has its presence there, Jeddah food is one you would miss for the rest of your life.

The night life in Jeddah is a bit different than any other metropolis. Western style parties are rare and highly uncommon. People do not get drunk here to enjoy the night so unlike any other country your chances of encountering a drunk guy on the beach is almost as high as finding a dolphin in the Dead Sea. During night, people prefer to go out with their families, have a nice meal and a walk. You would also get a chance to see some youngsters cruising a car on the empty streets of Jeddah. If you know someone in Jeddah you will probably get a chance to visit one of those parties where women are present albeit covered with head scarves and abayas. For a European or an American, these parties may be a bit boring but of people in Jeddah, these are the highest forms of night life entertainment.

All In all, both expatriates as well as natives in Jeddah like to live it up in terms of their lifestyle. With a steady influx of expatriate population, the definition of entertainment is slowly changing, but the beauty of Jeddah remains in the fact that the balance of tradition and modernity never loses it’s delicate nature. So grab that window seat on one of those many Jeddah Flights Booking and celebrate the essence of society and togetherness.

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