Jeddah And Its Most Important Tourist Attractions

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Jeddah is a tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, and offers some of the most exciting attractions and activities in the area. Scuba diving is very popular here as tourists can explore the underwater beauty of the Red Sea. Still, this water sport is only on the rise in the area as scuba divers still prefer Egyptian destinations. This can be a good thing however, since there are more places for divers to indulge in their favorite activity without fighting a crowd.

Scuba diving fans that call Jeddah one of their favorite destinations know Chicken Wreck well. Word has it that the wreck can be found under water at around fifteen meters depth and was a ship whose main cargo consisted of frozen chicken. While the frozen chicken is now nowhere to be found, the Chicken Wreck is there to be seen and explored.

Diving in the waters of the Red Sea in Jeddah is very pleasant, since the temperature stays at about 29 degrees (Celsius) all through the summer. In the winter the water gets a little chilly down to 22 degrees, but it is still warm by diver’s standards. Still, if you want to do some diving during winter it would not hurt to take a hooded suit with you just in case.

Diving is not the only thing you can engage in while you visit Jeddah. The old town, called al-Balad, is waiting for you to explore it. You can still see the old city walls and the gates that were not only once attacked in the past, but ancient buildings, such as houses built from coral. Be aware though of the fact that these buildings are not the most solid, since coral reef is not exactly intended to be used as a construction material.

Of course you should not worry since you will be staying in one of the modern hotels in Jeddah and not in the rickety houses that look like they are about to become nothing but ruble. They are only to be explored as remnants of a past time, so you should bring your camera with you and take a few pictures. While there don’t forget about Souq-al-Alawi the old market.

It is vital you have a photography license in order to shoot pictures, and it is also important to ask for people’s permission before filming them. If you want to make a beautiful picture collection, don’t forget to pay a visit to King Fahd Fountain, the highest shooting fountain to be found where water flies over three hundred meters into the air before falling back.

Shopping is not to be neglected either as it is a very important activity in Jeddah. The Red Sea Mall is very popular because of the great deals you can obtain on leather items. Tahlia Street is another great place for your shopping craze as this is where the most important boutiques display their merchandise.

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