Is Chat Software Worth Buying?
Is Chat Software Worth Buying?

Is Chat Software Worth Buying?

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I’ve consulted with dozens of business owners over the years – all of them looking for ways to boost their brand visibility and bring more customers through the virtual door. If you’re interested in maximizing customer loyalty while improving conversion rates and average order volume, chat software is the ideal sales vehicle. Here’s why.

Customers Get Near-Instant Answers to Their Questions

Shopping cart and order abandonment are common issues that plague everyone from small business owners to large corporate retail sites. It’s no longer enough just to email a sales newsletter and hope for the best. Chat software gives you the opportunity to converse one on one with customers right when they’re browsing or checking out from your site. Being proactive about customer service can help you establish a rapport with your online visitors and guide them through any issues or concerns they may have before they place their order. Oftentimes, businesses who use chat software find that their average order volume per customer increases significantly.

Spreading the Word About Your Products and Services

What’s more, with chat software, customers can also initiate a chat session with your customer service, getting on-demand answers to their questions or getting a little help with the checkout process. Clients appreciate this virtual “carry-over” from real life, and they’re more likely to tell their friends about the positive shopping experience they had on your website when they use your chat software to get the help they need. Social network-powered recommendations can have a magnetic-like effect on friends, family and other potential clients that traditional channels simply can’t reach without a significant investment of time, effort and money. Chat software is at the root of making this kind of wide reach possible.

Measurable Results and a Return on Investment

The bottom line is that for my business, and those I’ve helped consult, chat software has made an enormous difference in all the major commerce channels. From customer service to brand loyalty and return visits, the answer to “is chat software worth buying” is a resounding yes. Many of the best companies will even gladly schedule a demo for you so that you can try before you buy. This lets you see both the administrative end of things, and what your customers would see, before the software is added to your website. It’s a simple, straightforward and cost effective way to increase your customer base.

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