India Pale Ale – All You Need To Know!
India Pale Ale – All You Need To Know!

India Pale Ale – All You Need To Know!

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India Pale Ale, more commonly known as IPA is a type of beer which is high in hop content than any other ale. In recent years this particular type of beer has taken every one in the US by storm. It goes without denying that beer is a drink which takes the highest importance at a party, on any occasion as for that matter. Wedding receptions, gatherings, and office parties, all demand chilled beer. India Pale Ale is taken to be one of the best beer types in the US and is being considered by many people in social gatherings.

This drink has got his name in the 1700s because of high alcohol content in the ale. The name has its origin when it was transported from India to England. Further historical facts suggest that to supply unspoiled beer to the High dignitaries, this ale had to be brewed with extra hop. The hope along with high alcohol content helped in preserving the drink in higher temperatures. IPA can stand long distances and higher temperatures more than any other type of beer available. The drink is bold!

The American IPA has found its way amazingly in the beer industry and is going strong. The aroma of the drink is fruity, perfumy, floral and piney. The other versions of this drink are dry hopped with grassy aroma.

The drink has, under some sub types like Alaskan IPA, Ale smith IPA, Avery IPA, and Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA. The coloring of IPA solely depends on the amount of malts used. The color can be from golden to dark amber. India Pale Ale has strong aroma of hops. The aroma too depends on the amount of hops used. The aroma is either of a sweet citrus blossom or of pine. Speaking of which in American breweries Cascade and Chinook hops are very popular. In fact the effect of the aroma in an IPA will be based on the types of malts used too.

As far as the taste is concerned, India Pale Ale generally has a strong bitter hop taste. Yet, just like the aroma even the taste can vary immensely. The flavors are not only that of citrus and pine but also of various other tastes. Often a brewery can use both hop and malt to enhance the taste.

Make sure you don’t get the aroma and taste confused. The aroma might be totally independent of the taste. So, don’t judge the taste by an IPA’s aroma.

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