Important Things to Consider Before Umrah Travel

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Hajj and umrah are two sacred obligations which have an immense significance for Muslims all over the world. Hajj and umrah are obligations which are similar to a great extent with each other except some minute differences. The biggest difference probably is that hajj can be performed only during 8th and 12th of Dhu Al Hajjah which is the 12th month of Islamic calendar. Unlike hajj, umrah has no time restrictions and it can be performed at any time of year. Here is a brief guidance for all those Muslims who are eager to perform umrah.

Millions of Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform umrah and hajj. Therefore, various packages for performing hajj and urmah obligation are available for Muslims all over the world. Umrah Packages are mainly available in two forms. One is tailor-made packages and other is group umrah package. Tailor-made packages are usually made for individuals and such packages can be tailored according to individual needs and budgets of pilgrims and such packages vary from person to person. So, you have to decide that exactly what type of accommodation and transport you want to experience during you holy travel and how much money you have and then choose your desired umrah packages accordingly.

Group packages are cheap umrah packages because these packages consist of large groups of people. Due to these large groups, per head costs reduce in group umrah packages. Group packages are best for people who have limited budgets and tailor-made umrah packages are most suitable for those pilgrims who are conscious about quality of services during their umrah travel.

There is another very important factor which most of the pilgrims miss during their umrah travel and that is the distance of their accommodation from the Grand Mosque of Mecca. Many umrah travel agents promise to provide stay at luxury hotels but those luxury hotels are situated at a considerable distance from Mecca.  So, pilgrims have to face problems for reaching the Holy mosque daily for five times for offering prayers and tawaf of Holy Kaabah. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure that your accommodation in Mecca must be at a reachable distance from Mecca.

Another important thing to check out is the availability of coach for performing umrah rites as most of the pilgrims perform this obligation only once in their lifetime. So, it is better to get services of a coach who can provide a step by step for performing this sacred obligation according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Also, it is advisable to book your umrah packages at the beginning of umrah season which usually starts during the month of January every year. This provides an opportunity to choose from a large number of choices and thus helps to book cheap umrah packages with best available services.

In the end, do not forget to make sure that you are booking your umrah packages through a reliable umrah services agent with a considerable experience in this industry so you can enjoy best services during spiritual and most memorable journey of your life.

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