How to pick the Americans from foreign female tourists

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I found that I could pick the Americans quite easily from the crowd. As an American, May be you will try to blend into the crowd as much as possible when you are outside of USA.Something cannot be changed such as my accent, some of my shoes, leather handbags,and other itmes get you simply “look American”. Have you noticed that there are a few things that do make some Americans stand out more so than others?

At the first, it is Vera Bradley bags, not tods handbags,lv or other brands leather bags. These are quite a big trend in the states, althought they are out of USA. You can’t against Vera Bradley attractive and choose a quite functional and cute wallets or canvas bags. Americans like to carry Vera Bradley bags is hard to changed.
As like as Italy favories tods shoes, handbags. Certaintly, americans also like to wear tods or other discount designer handbags.

Second, Leggings with UGG boots and a North Face fleece jacket-this look is distinctly American, especially when paired with a Vera Bradley bag. UGGs are worn by a lot of the girls here, girls usually wear them with skinny pants or jeans and a top of choice. Girls usually wear them with skinny pants or jeans and a top of choice. Leggings are usually worn under a long tunic top or sweater that covers the bum a bit-not solely as pants with one’s behind fully out in the air. There is nothing rather than UGG boots or leggings.

The last, The standard of going-out outfit is Jeans. They like to wear jeans to the late night venues as local standards.While walking through the city on my way to find jazz music over the weekend, I noticed that a lot of the foreign female tourists were wearing jeans to the late night venues.

Have you adapted to wearing a skirt with tights or dark, dressy pants on nights out now, but I used to always wear jeans and constantly felt under-dressed by local standards. Maybe, you actually like dressing up a bit more now, as it is not only more fun to get ready for, but also gave me an excuse to go shopping.

Vera Bradley bags, ugg boots, legging pants and jeans are the standard going-out outfit as a americans. It help you easy to pick a americans from crowd.

I am Bruce Lee, a fashion leather handbags designer.

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