How to Get a Great Tan With Very Pale Skin

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I myself am a very light skinned, pale complected person, so I understand how frustrating it can be when trying to get a beautiful brown tan that you see on so many other people. I do have some very helpful suggestions that might help.

First, I would say that your best bet is to use a bronzer, because bronzers have something called DHA, which is something that actually dyes your skin. Much the same way a sunless tanner does, but if you use a good quality bronzer you will never be able to notice the extra bronzers. They look as natural as a real tan. Mostly because it is a real tan, a bronzer just adds that extra bronze color.

After you establish a base tan, you can try a little bit of a tingler. I mostly just use this on my arms and legs because it is harder to get them as tan. I also like using a bronzer separate from the tingler, as opposed to using a tanning lotion with both mixed together in one. This is because you can decide exactly how much and where you want to put it. Tingler products can be pretty harsh, especially to pale or light skinned people. If you are very fair, with red hair or freckles, I might advice you to stay away from tinglers all together.

Another thing that you must do, and this goes for everyone that tans, is to moisturize as much as possible and always after tanning. I like using a moisturizer that has a little bit of a sunless tanner in it. A good example of this is Jergens Natural Glow lotion. You can find it just about any department store, like Wal-Mart or Target. They even have it very conveniently online at (I’m a big fan of them). Using this kind of lotion is great because it adds that extra brown color to your tan too. It is very unnoticeable that it is fake, it blends in well with your tan that you already have going and you can still tan right over it, it doesn’t affect a thing. Plus it is a moisturizer, which you have to use anyway if you want a nice tan.

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