How to chat in South African Slang

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When visiting South Africa, one is regularly perplexed by the truth that the self you are dialogue to is dialogue english, yet you don’t appear to be able to understand what he is motto because of the alien lexis he is with.

What you requisite is a channel to South African slang. You can discover extra details here So herein is a passing beat through of some public slang, provided for you by a regional who grew up in the side and city taste of Durban, South Africa.

Howzit. This is a welcome, brisk for How is it? It’s worn like the welcome Hi.

Braai. A sear. almost something cooked goes on a braai, counting beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, sandwiches, mushrooms, swindler (actually), crocodiles (not totality, and not regularly, but it happens!) and of course Boerewors.

Boerewors. A very long beef sausage that you chef on the braai. regularly refered to as just wors. mostly rolled into a spiral smooth so it can fit.

Biltong. Dried (raw) brackish and spiced meat, like beef rough. Made from many meats counting beef, doll, ostridge and even fish. very juicy and lowbrow.

Bunny victuals. A half loiter of bread, using the within bread full out and crammed using moreover vegetable or beef curry, and then the distant bread trapped back on top. It sounds archaic, but in truth is very juicy, especially after a long living fishing.

Isit. The 2 lexis ‘is it’ said as one, and import the same as ‘really’ or ‘is that so.’

Kief. actually polite. Like ‘That’s a kief shirt fellow.’

Eish. Exclaimation of scare or perturb, or even empathy.

Bro or Bru. As in ‘Howzit Bru’ a welcome to a lonesome, brisk for brother in a free meaning.

Check. Look at. ‘Check that Keif chick’ = Look at that lovely female.

Scaly. Not polite at all ‘Check that flaking ouk’ = look at that disreputable guy.

ouk or ou. A guy or man. naturally youngish. An old man is called ‘an ou ballie.’

ekse. As in “Cool ekse” = polite hey?

Gif and Durban Gif. Marijuana or dagga as it’s known herein. factually ‘Poison.’ Can also mean polite or heady, as in ‘I had a gif court my Bru!’

Bliksem. Exclaimation of scare or sting. Lit. ‘Lightning.’ Some Afrikaans dialogue people take offence at this word, for reasons uncharted.

Jislaaik. An expression of wonder, like Gosh or Wow.

My porcelain. My lonesome.

Clutchplate. passage policeman. NEVER say this to a passage policeman.

My stukkie. My girlfriend. A stretch not particularly liked by the ladies. Means factually ‘My case.’

Brak. grubby stray dog of indeterminate line.

Flatdog. Crocodile. Sometimes also referred to as speedbumps, from their pattern of crossing subject roads. However, these speedbumps cultivate to displace and subtract both axles of your sedan.

Vrot. Pronounced Frot. Rotten. Of bad eminence.

Tune. Say. As in “Don’t song me grief” = don’t say irritating stuff to me.

chuck. Go. ‘I’m chucking to urban my porcelain.’

Pozzie. House or hometown. “Meet you at my possie”

Jawl. person or nocturnal out.

So there you have a update tilt to get you vacant. rope a pair of those together and you should get by! If you say it damage the locals will let you off because of your alien accent, large camera and joke clothes!

Zenazindzi Rivera writes to Blog Humor. You can discover further details here

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