High street evening dresses inspired by the Oscars

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Every year at the Oscars, the awards themselves are overshadowed by the glitz, glamour, faux pas and successes of the worst and best-dressed celebrities gracing the red carpets. Rarely are any of these terms used to describe the men of the moment (who inevitably scrub up pretty well in formal tuxedos), but they are instead reserved for actresses old and young who perform a kind of dressage as gorgeous clothes horses for haute couture designers.

But fear not, while these fine fillies are dressed to impress in the blink of an eye, without a single bead of sweat forming or single pound being shed or spent, those kind retailers on the high street and online are hell-bent on bringing you amazing style-steal evening dresses, lifted straight from the red carpet, with the hefty price tag removed. It’s incredible what these designers can do these days, within a matter of days you could be wearing what you saw Cheryl Cole or Scarlet Johansson wearing in the latest issue of your favourite glossy gossip magazine. Online shopping makes following ever-changing trends easy and affordable, and best of all there won’t be any fretting on where to find the time to seek out that perfect evening dress for that all-so-important event.

Bold and beautiful dresses are available to suit every occasion, whether it’s your school or college prom, a friend’s wedding, or your birthday party where no-one had better upstage you. Carpet grazing maxi dresses are all over the fashion spreads yet again, meaning buying a sequined, beaded or chiffon maxi dress is something of a smart investment. Similarly, spring and summer are all about bold, bright, block colours that pop in daylight as well as low-lights of bars, pubs, clubs and parties, making sure that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Corals, greens, and yellows stand out from the catwalk collections, and can be worn boldly for any occasion, or toned down for eye-catching elegance that will leave onlookers wanting to steal your style. If bright and bold is new to you, pick oversized handbags in these colours and jazz up your outfit in your own, more subtle way and pick it up a notch when you’re good and ready. As with all seasons, there’s more than one way to be inspired by the Oscars, and this year it’s about shapes and patterns from the 1970s, as well as eye-popping colours. Choose evening dresses and maxi dresses in metallics and ditsy floral prints, and make sure you team them with chunky platform and wedge heels, as well as head bands and over-the-shoulder evening bags with drawstring tops.

Shop online for the latest Oscar-inspired evening dresses, and pick from hundreds of maxi dresses stolen straight from the red carpet and offered at affordable prices.

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