Hezbollah Packing Heat For Israel – Who Will Strike First?

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It looks like Hezbollah is gearing up for another conflict with Israel. Hezbollah in Lebanon now claims to have SA-18 surface-to-air missiles. This means, if it is true they will be able to shoot down Israeli helicopters, and F-16s when the Israelis defend against the next barrage of rocket attacks. It’s hard to say how many SA-18′s Hezbollah actually happens to have, but it makes sense that they would have some.

Luckily, Israeli aircraft also have flare systems which are shot out the back of the aircraft and will attract the surface to air missiles to prevent being shot down. But that doesn’t mean that Hezbollah will not end up shooting down a few of their very expensive aircraft with these handheld anti-aircraft missiles.

Hezbollah also claims that they have three times as many rockets as they did three years ago when they attacked Israel. If this is true that would be in the neighborhood of some 40,000 rockets. Interestingly enough, Hamas has also claimed that they have a stockpile of rockets. These are not defensive rockets, these are offenses of weapons that are shot indiscriminately into the Jewish state, into civilian populations.

During the last two conflicts both with Hamas and Hezbollah, the Israeli military defended itself excellently, and put down both conflicts very quickly. To their credit Israel has an incredibly strong military, enough to overpower Hamas, Hezbollah and even an attack from Syria same time, which is interesting because if Hamas and Hezbollah both attack at the same time and there is any kind of conflict between Iran or Syria they could be attacked from all at the same time.

Now, the Israelis are employing UAVs and they’re flying 24 hours a day, to try to find the locations of these rockets, and the shipments coming into Hezbollah, which will be used later in the future to attack the Jewish state. During the last two conflicts Israel knew of many of the targets where rockets were stashed, but not all of them, perhaps with this new technology, surveillance and increased Israeli intelligence they will be able to defend much quicker and more accurately.

It’s doubtful that anyone would put their money on Hezbollah if they were to bet who would survive in another duplicated rocket attack. Of course, Hezbollah are masters of the media, and merely launching an attack could help them gain strength as the Israelis retaliated to defend their civilian civilization from terrorist attacks. Things are going to get very interesting in that part of the world once again, and it probably won’t be long now. Please consider all this.

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