Good Known Facts on International Shipping to Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa

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International shipping is indeed a very difficult and professional task which is carried out by the expert international cargo and freight moving company. Simply going for the international shipping without having any idea about the international trade and shipping protocols would come out to be a task out of hands. Africa, Morocco, and Nigeria are ended on the world trade map and many western and European countries are transporting commercial cargo as well as household goods to these countries as they have well written trade agreement with them. Irrespective of the fact whether you are shipping to Morocco, or Africa or Nigeria, it is very obvious that you have complete idea on the international shipping protocols. Having basic knowledge on international shipping to Nigeria, Africa or Morocco would give safe hands in transferring the household goods.

Basics on International shipping to Nigeria

You should have handy when shipping to Nigeria includes Passport (in original), Visa, Work Permit and Residence Permit. Besides, you need to get the personal bank account after you have landed in Nigeria as this is essential for Form M. It is also very important FR you to have the Certificate of Residence Change, Customs and Excise Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form Sale 48 and a detailed inventory of household goods in English language. You should also complete the PUB form after arriving in Nigeria. In addition, you should also be having a reliable letter which will authorize the destination agent to clear your shipment. Make sure that are not carrying any of the prohibited items which largely include Air pistols, Airmail photographic, printing paper, Base or counterfeit currency, Blank Invoices, Cowries, combustible celluloid beads or similar nature substances, international football pool coupons etc. If you are also shipping the motor vehicle, it is very important that you have Proof of ownership, Original logbook or Registration Certificate, Insurance papers. If your vehicle is over eight years old, it will not be allowed to enter Nigeria. You should also carry invoice of purchase.

Basics on International shipping to Morocco

If you are shipping to Morocco, make sure that you have complete inventory which has been French Consular. You also need to have the originals of Work Permit or Work Certificate from the employer. In addition, there should also be Certificate of Residence Change (original), which is otherwise issued by the local authority when you depart from your country. Do not carry prohibited items like Moroccan currency, Pornographic, and politically sensitive material, Narcotics and drugs etc. Check with the international cargo and Freight Company for farther details. 

Basics on International shipping to South Africa

If you are shipping to South Africa, it would indeed become necessary that you have detailed inventory of the products which you are shipping. Do not try to conceal any personnel goods as this will put you in a complex situation and you may even have to pay huge penalty. There are different terms and conditions which exist for commercial vehicle shopping and car shipping and therefore, it is your responsibility to look into the real details.

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