Four Wonderful Monuments Found In Tangier For An Enchanting Morocco Vacation

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More than the amazing, antique architectural designs and sculptures they signify, monuments indicate so much regarding the richness and history of the culture of a certain place. When travelling to Morocco, you need to look for a hotel or Apartment Tangier in order to view the wonderful monuments and know the past of the location. These are some of the monuments found in Tangier which are worth discovering and will make your visit to Morocco more enriching and also remarkable:

Dar el Makhzen

The Dar el Makhzen located in Kasbah is among the most popular monuments as well as tourist destinations in Tangier, Morocco. It is the top point in the metropolis which overlooks the straits of Medina and Gibraltar. It presently houses a fantastic collection of Moroccan art, including leather work, some pottery, embroidery, and metal work, and also a few musical equipment and weapons. Within the interior courtyard are two buildings which display attractive arabesque wood carvings, tile works, and metal works. These kinds of apartments are also surrounded by beautifully preserved scenic gardens and fountains. The Dar el Makhzen was initially designed during the seventeenth century by Sultan Moulay Ismail of the Moroccan Alaouite Dynasty who attempted to manage Tangier which was then in the possession of the English. It was once the palace where the touring Sultans stay. The palace was later designed and made bigger by later sultans.

Tangier Grand Mosque

The Tangier Grand Mosque was developed in 1685 to remember the return of Morocco to the control of motherland and was become bigger by Moulay Sliman in the year 1815. It is located nearby the Grand Socco, that is the center of Tangier. The site where it stood was also where a Portuguese cathedral and a Roman temple stood hundreds of years ago. Currently, the Grand Mosque is among the favorite monuments in Tangier, which house traditional manuscripts and also other Moroccan art works. It’s also famous for its beautiful and elaborate structure with tile mosaics and stucco.

The Church of St. Andrew

Otherwise known as Anglican Church of St. Andrew, this kind of prominent monument shows religious and colonial history in Tangier. In the year 1880, Hassan I of Morocco handed down a piece of land to the British community in Tangier to enable them to construct an Anglican Church. With the increasing number of churchgoers, a new church was made on the similar area in 1894, which then became the Church of St. Andrew which was consecrated in 1905. The church was a good mixture of different complex architectural designs, including British and Moorish. Its most popular feature is the bell tower that appears to be a minaret. Various famous individuals in Tangier were also buried in the church, including Sir Harry McLean who was a Scottish knight and also lecturer of the Moroccan Army; Walter Harris, a British writer; and British humanitarian Emily Keene.

Grand Socco

The Grand Socco, signifying the Big Square, is one of the most remarkable and important monuments in Tangier. It is where Muhammed V delivered his speech favoring the independence of Morocco on April 9, 1947, so its acknowledged name-Place du Grand 9 Avril 1947. The Grand Socco is bigger than the Petit Socco. It was once a transporation hub and the traditional market, which makes it the heart of Tangier. These days, the Grand Socco does not only stay as a notable monument in Tangier, but also a lively night marketplace where second hand goods, fruits, and speces are marketed by female peasants with wide straw caps in their striped horses.

These memorable monuments, as well as the other famous landmarks in Tangier, tell memories of the rich background not just of Tangier, but also of Morocco. Aside from learning about the history of the people, Tangier offers a tourist-enticing environment with its beautiful beaches, dramatic sunset, and wonderful people.

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