Flights to Morocco Transport to the Land of Charm

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Romantic and Intriguing! This is perhaps the best way to describe Morocco. A highly popular holiday destination, Morocco is best known its cultural radiance and architectural splendour.

Morocco appeals massively to the Europeans because of its relative closeness to the continent. Tourists who book flights to Morocco get to experience the enigmatic Islamic allure without having to a travel long. Direct flights from London to Morocco are offered by airlines but tourists with budget on their mind would prefer cheap indirect flights to Morocco. Spain is the most preferred stopover for the UK travellers. In fact, a week of quintessential Spanish charm followed by two or more of Morocco’s remarkable magnetism is perhaps the best holiday one can plan.

Tourists face dilemmas while planning their travel itineraries for Morocco holidays as the place is replete with attractions and it can be actually confusing for travellers. The below listed are popular tourist magnets in the country that deserve a place on your schedule.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is an excellent specimen of the Morocco’s religious fervour as well as Islamic architectural style. It is an absolutely splendid sight and is responsible for enticing Muslims as well as non-Muslims into buying cheap flights to Morocco. The fact that even non-Muslims can visit the premises of the mosque ensures the massive popularity of the place.


Volubilis is the place to head to if ruins and specifically Roman ruins attract you. Volubilis boasts the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the entire region. The triumphal arc, Roman baths and the basilica are few of the biggest highlights of the place.

Dar Si Saïd Museum

Dar Si Saïd Museum, housed in a palace, tempts holiday makers from all across the globe. It is an apt place to study the region’s fascinating heritage. The museum features exhibits that offer a peek into the life and lifestyle of the Berber people. Displays that tell about the routine life of people in the Sahara Desert are also featured.

The Museum of Marrakech

Omar Benjelloun Foundation is responsible for restoring Dar Menebhi Palace into a museum and tempting tourists into grabbing air tickets on flights to Morocco. The Museum of Marrakech displays modern as well as traditional Moroccan art. Visitors to the museum can also take a look at the riveting collection of historical books and coins.

Djemaa el-Fna

Djemaa el-Fna (Square of the Dead) is a pulsating avenue that attracts hordes of tourists. Most tourists who book travel packages to Morocco visit this vivacious hotspot. Liveliness perhaps best defines this place (an absolute contrast to its name!). Keen shoppers can find a range of colourful and cheap items to satisfy urge to splurge at Djemaa el-Fna.

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