Flights to Jeddah – Take a Tour to Saudi Arabia

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The Arabian city of Jeddah is a prominent place in the world due to its proximity to the holiest cities in Islam: Mecca and medina. Jeddah is situated in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and Arabic language. Traveling to Jeddah is obvious for people as Mecca and Medina, where all economically and bodily able Muslims should make a pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. KSA is a contemporary, but very religious monarchy where enormous empty deserts contradict with large modern cities. Golf, shopping and diving are among popular leisure activities in Saudi Arabia.

The diving scene in Jeddah is flourishing and the coastal area on the Red Sea has widespread coral reefs and well-off aquatic life, which makes it a trendy place for scuba diving. Beautiful beaches can be found on both coasts. There are also antique archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia, such as the ruined city of Madain Saleh, but you need to get a permit before visiting them. Camel and horseback riding, tennis and golf courses are available in many Saudi cities. There are amusement parks in most cities in Saudi Arabia, as well as public parks and small zoos.

Traveling to Jeddah is quite easy as Saudi Arabian city is connected well by all the major international cities through air, road or by sea. There are three international airports located in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam; flights to Saudi Arabia are accessible in many cities in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. During the Hajj pilgrimage there are also many charter flights to Jeddah. Visas are obligatory for most foreign visitors. Tourist visas to Saudi Arabia are available for guided tours. There are several international buses to Saudi Arabia from for illustration Turkey and Egypt. A well-liked means of getting into Eastern KSA is to fly to Bahrain or Abu Dhabi and take a bus to Saudi Arabia from there. You can also travel to Saudi Arabia with your own car from most of its adjoining countries. There are passenger ferries to Saudi Arabia from Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea.

Cheap flights to Jeddah are offering cheapest airfare to Jeddah and other cities in Saudi Arabia. You can visit with your friends and family to enjoy amazing deserts and coastal amusements.

Before visiting Jeddah or adjoining cities in Saudi Arabia, get a look at these strict rules. There are certain things that are prohibited there like alcoholic beverages; pork, non-Islamic religious material and anything that can be regarded as pornography are prohibited. Costumes covering most parts of the body are mandatory for women. We also recommend you to not click any government buildings, military facilities or local people. Visitors are required to deference local conventions and breaking the law can lead you to serious trouble. However, using common sense is likely to keep you out of any nuisance while in Saudi Arabia.

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