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Arabia regions offer a range of holiday options in forms of beaches, water adventure sports etc. Jeddah is one of the most visited places in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has a very interesting story to share with al the visitors. Jeddah has full-fledged from humble origins; it began about 2,500 years ago as a tiny fishing settlement, in the 16th century, and the Ottomans built a stone wall around the town in order to make stronger it against attacks from the Portuguese. Jeddah’s early traditions as a trading centre continue today, and it is probable to buy almost anything in its souks and shopping malls. Jeddah’s category as a trading centre has been maintained down the centuries and many of today’s major trading companies have their headquarters there.


A global city, still safeguard its ancient rituals and methods. Jeddah is prominent place due to its proximity with Mecca and Medina. It is the way in to two consecrated mosques of Islam: Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. Jeddah boasts the world’s prevalent open art city and a lot of traditional places, such as Bayt Al Nassif, and museums. There are some very mesmerizing sites all over the city as most people will stop there on their return home.The most important fact about the city is its closeness to Holy Makkah and Ka’ba. These places are just 100 Kms away and easily reachable.


There are two major companies present in Jeddah. These companies play a vital role in the local economy. They are as follows: The Saudi Arabian Marketing and Refining Company (SAMAREC) and Saudia, which is the national airline. Both these companies employ a huge work force, and their existence exerts a substantial impact on the local economy. Flights to Jeddah provide cheap tickets to enjoy your travel in Jeddah.


Apart from these two major companies and some of the small scale industries, industry still plays only a negligible part in Jeddah’s economy, although one industry which does seem to be blooming is tourism. Increased mobility, as a result of cheap flights to Jeddah and better connecting highways, means that many Saudi nationals are now proficient to enjoy the delights of Jeddah as a holiday resort. Attracted by the Red Sea, the outstanding restaurants and shops and the cosmopolitan flavor of the city, Saudis are now taking several short holidays a year, and Jeddah is a progressively more popular destination. Hotels report an increased demand for accommodation, and builders are finding that the demand for new residences is on the increase, as many wealthy families from Riyadh and other cities in the Kingdom are building holiday homes in Jeddah.

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