Filipina girls in Saudi Arabia ? Making A Connection

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With 24 Filipino International schools within the area, you are sure to find a lot of Filipina girls in Saudi Arabia. More than half of the location of these international schools can be found near Riyadh or Jeddah. This would somehow take narrow down your search options and heighten your senses because of the number of Filipinas that you will come across during your visit to these places. You should also be prepared mentally, emotionally and intellectually because aside from the jaw-dropping beauty of the Filipina, they have a culture that will surely put every foreign man into a mental stalemate.

Aside from the international schools, the Middle East is also one of the largest contractors of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They like the Filipinos in general because they speak English rather fluently which conveniently breaks down the language barrier. Aside from that, they are considered as very hardworking people. There may be a very good explanation for these for those that think that Filipinos are lazy. These people left their homeland with the purpose of finding high paying jobs to be able to sustain the needs and wants of their families. The reason of going to Saudi Arabia is work and that is why they are very focused on it.  They would not mind being homesick or missing their family because in their mind they suffer these things for the better future of the family back in the Philippines. That is why you can find thousands of Filipina girls in Saudi Arabia.

Going back to their culture, Filipinos have a very rich and seemingly unique culture. The basic Filipino culture has been influenced by Spanish, Japanese and American culture. Adapting a great degree of Spanish culture with close to 400 years of colonialization, the Filipino culture has evolved and turned out to be a culture to be reckoned with. If you plan to date a Filipina, you should know that it would not be easy. Part of their culture is to play hard-to-get when being courted. This is actually adapted from the Spaniards and spiced up with a few more by the Filipinos. Even if the Filipina lady likes you and she shows it in her expression, still she cannot formally give in to your advances. Time and circumstance are needed in order to prove your motives and intentions. There is no standards as to how long it is going to last. This also is a sign of respect for her elders even though she is very far away. She will have to inform her parents or family about your advances and background. They will play a great part of her decision if she will allow you to continue or not.

Being able to establish a close tie with her relatives in spite of the distance will be a great advantage for you, if you are really determined to make the Filipina lady your girlfriend. This would require a great deal of time, effort and use of modern communication technology. One way of gaining their favor is by giving them gifts of appreciation. Never take this negatively because it is a culture in the Philippines. Another is to visit them in the Philippines with your Filipina friend. Just give what you think is appropriate or that is in your heart. Once you get the favor of the parents and relatives, your relationship with any Filipina girls in Saudi Arabia will go to a whole new level because she will not be worried about what her family might say anymore.

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