Embark on majestic Morocco adventure tours

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Morocco is a wonderful country having such a varied history and culture.  For being blessed with inimitable culture and heritage, it has become the popular destination for tourists from all over the world.  There are numerous Morocco adventure tours which take you on an enchanting journey through awesome destinations. There are many avenues for adventure in Morocco. Many tourists come to experience the adventure of living the Berber life with a family. The Berbers travel with their goats and sheep from the lower Dades Valley to the High Atlas Mountains in summers and vice versa. This bi-annual migration is very exciting.

The Morocco adventure tours are for the people who can walk for 4-5 hours per day. It would test your endurance and stamina.  The speed and distance traveled during the day would be decided by the pace of the herd of the livestock, since routes are muddy and impassable. The nomadic Berbers have excellent knowledge of the topography of the area and routes to help in travelling.  The altitude you would reach during the tour will be maximum 3200m.  You will be spending the night in a camp alongside your Berber family.

The Morocco adventure tours usually start from the Dades Valley and move up to the imposing Atlas Mountains, the highest mountain range in North Africa, having numerous peaks over 4000 meters and many beautiful sights.  Another fascinating aspect of the journey is it does not follow a fixed route.  Trekking through the tough terrain will test your endurance.  It would be fabulous experience to cross precipitous passes having scenic views.  You will travel by Berber villages located deep in the scenic valleys.  During the nights, you will rest in the rustic camps. No doubt, the amazing surroundings will cast a spell on you.  The cook accompanying in such a fascinating Morocco adventure tours will prepare a delectable meal.

When the Berbers complete their journey from the Dades to the High Atlas Mountains, the Berbers would look for a suitable site for camping where they will spend the summers.  After leaving Berber family, you would proceed to Marrakech. En route you make a halt at Ouarzazate, the resting point used by Africans on their journey to Europe.  There is little doubt you are still feeling enchanted by the magic of Morocco adventure tours. Another interesting fact about Ouarzazate is that many Hollywood movies have been shot here like the Last Temptation of the Christ, Alexander the Great, etc.

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