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Dubai is a beautiful city where a lot of infrastructural development is going on. The city is expanding exponentially. New roads, bridges, underpasses, and many other facilities are constructed on a mass scale, adding beauty to the city, and providing good infrastructure. The city has galore options for better job opportunities as well. Jobseekers come here in lure of better opportunities as this city has many job options. This city is a hub for many expatriates as well who are comparatively new to this city. They often need good and professional drivers to drive them to their destinations. Hence, demand for well-qualified and good drivers is also increasing rapidly.


Driver jobs in Dubai are easily available and many cab companies are slowly coming up to match the increasing demands of executives, businesspersons, travelers, etc.  It is easier for people to commute in Dubai with the help of taxi and limousine services as sometimes driving one’s own car or using public mode of transportation is very inconvenient. The driver jobs in Dubai offer chauffeur services to pick up the passengers and drive them back and forth from their homes, workplaces, and places of recreation. Residents and outstation people feel tension free and comfortable in the company of these professional drivers to travel around the city. Some drivers also offer services like sightseeing in addition to regular point-to-point services.


For driver jobs in Dubai, the first and foremost condition is alertness and sensible driving skills. One needs to stay very attentive while driving in heavy and congested traffic or for that matter in a bad weather. To prevent accidents, one must take proper precaution and avoid sudden stops or turns. One must also refrain from tricky driving maneuvers that would jar passengers. The driver jobs in Dubai offer good remuneration, which is respectable and can be earned either monthly, weekly or on a daily basis. One can earn well by working overtime as well.


The driver jobs in Dubai have certain job prerequisites that one must try to keep in mind. The drivers are required to keep a check on the cabs’ fuel and oil levels and should also take care and ensure that the breaks, headlights and windshield wipers are in working order. In case of any persisting problem, they should immediately inform their employer and get the things rectified. In case the drivers are from some company, the company becomes responsible for the insurance and maintenance.



Driver jobs in Dubai are generally offered to people who are familiar with streets in the city as well as nearby areas. This is necessary due to increase in number of four wheelers on the streets. This adds to the frequent traffic jams that have become a common scenario in the city. These drivers have to be smart enough to make quick decisions to avoid traffic and choose the most efficient route to the destinations

It is also important that the driver knows about the location of fire station, police station, medical care centers and hospitals as well.


The driver jobs in Dubai are abundant but there are certain regulations and rules that need to be known before applying for these jobs. The candidate must know about the fare structure followed in a particular jurisdiction, laws related to traffic, licensing system, etc.

Before a company decides to hire a candidate as a driver, they make sure that the driver possesses good customer service and communication skills. This is very important as sometimes the customers seek advice from the drivers regarding a destination or tourist attraction, which they need to answer properly. Driver jobs in Dubai are therefore a good option to earn a respectable amount of money with just a pleasing personality and positive attitude towards your work.

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