Dubai hospitality sector: the dream of many!

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Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE, which has nowadays become a preferred career destination for professionals. UAE has everything for everyone, jobs of all levels are available in the country, be it corporate or jobs of the lower levels. If the candidate has the talent, he/she is welcome to Abu Dhabi! The country provides exciting job opportunities for the deserving candidates. The best part of working in Abu Dhabi is that the employees do not have to pay taxes to the government.

The country is a vibrant, beautiful and friendly place for the foreign workers. If the candidate is willing to work in Abu Dhabi, he can be assured about the excellent jobs opportunities and the best salaries. As the city is the capital of the UAE, it houses the government and other government services. Nearly 9% of total oil reserves are located in Abu Dhabi; hence it offers jobs at various levels in the city. Other sectors that help many families to earn their bread and butter are IT, banking, healthcare, hospitality, construction, etc. People from India, UK, Philippines, and other European countries migrate to Abu Dhabi to seek such jobs.

There are also varied driver jobs in Abu Dhabi, which include mainly truck driving jobs and cab driving jobs. These jobs have always been in demand, which is unstoppable and ever-growing. The driver jobs in Abu Dhabi also bring luring and attractive perks and incomes with them.

 To be a driver in the city, the candidate needs to have prior driving experience and of course a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) of UAE. The candidates fulfilling the job criteria can also become an independent taxi cab driver. There are various driving schools that can brush up the candidate’s driving skills and make the candidate a good driver. The candidate can enroll into any of the driving lessons like basic driving lessons, advanced driving lessons or similar courses that match the driving requirements.

There are many logistic and oil reserve companies that demand truck drivers on a regular basis to transport raw materials of finished goods from one place to another. To be an efficient driver, the candidate must have a sound health and can work with minimal supervision. Having technical knowledge about working of the automobiles can be an additional advantage. Most of the companies hire truck drivers only when the candidate has the idea to fix the technical problems that are generally encountered during driving.

Before applying for driver jobs in Abu Dhabi, the candidates can follow some of the tips to stand competitive in the market.

Avoid writing unnecessary information on the resume, Keep It Simple.
Attend training sessions that can hone skills of the drivers.
A prior market research can be beneficial for the candidates to make out the best names in the market.
The candidate can inform the employer about the route, in which they are most comfortable.

If the candidate is a cab driver, then also he can apply for the driver jobs in Abu Dhabi as there is a boom in the corporate market here in the city, and companies need drivers for their employees.

Before hiring a driver, the employer conducts a driving test to ensure that the driver has good hands behind steering. So candidates must make sure that they have properly attended the complete training sessions and have practised well on roads.

The driver jobs in Abu Dhabi demand complete dedication, as the companies demand drivers to be available round the clock. The drivers also have to travel in adverse conditions also, so before applying for any such job, all the terms and conditions of the job must be understood.

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