Do Not Drink Tap Water in Egypt

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65% of the Egyptian population is compelled to drink polluted water. Lack of pure water is the reason of death of 25% of children under 5 years. Tap water in 18 of 27 Egyptian provinces (muhafazah) is rather dangerous for drinking. Alexandria, Giza, Northern Sinai and Asyut are among the problem areas.

Today in Egypt they spent about 370 liters of water for one person per day. While in Great Britain this figure makes only 155 liters, and in Belgium this figure is about 140 liters for the person. This does not mean that each Egyptian consumes 370 liters of it daily. Actually, some inhabitants of Egypt consider even 10 liters of pure water per day to be the real profusion, while others daily change water in their huge pools of some thousand liters and irrigate their own fields for golf.

According to the United Nations, the minimum of pure water which the person should have per day is 20 liters. The basic water-way of Egypt is the Nile. There is already acute deficiency of it today in the country; in the nearest 50 years the problem will get menacing scales – lack of water will be the reason of death of the majority of Egyptian inhabitants.

This planet seems to be at the doors of the environmental collapse, at least some theories say so. Of course the other ones are telling us that our influence cannot be so dramatic to the Earth, but to tell the truth – each of us has already noticed that the weather seems to be more and more often strange, not really usual. And all that almost everywhere, in every corner of this planet.

Just let us think about it. There is probably no need to get in panic, but it is really time to be more careful, for sure.

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